Planning & Forecasting

Aligning market signals with procurement and manufacturing processes is the key to solving the supply & demand puzzle. The ITOrizon team starts with optimizing inventory and ensures cost-efficient inventory allocation practices are in place. In addition, we assist customers in streamlining the sourcing process by business units, regions, and stores and optimizing customers’ supply networks. Our approach is to build a flexible supply chain forecast model. Continuous monitoring of capacity and production planning aids customers in meeting the expected supply chain performance.

ITOrizon Edge

We take a multi-dimensional approach to production and capacity planning. We work with our customers on reviewing all the factors that impact inventory and production plans. On one side, we give special attention to inventory allocation decision points, award efficient suppliers, and plan raw materials through trusted logistic partners.

On another side, we perform what-if scenarios to identify the root causes of production delays. That allows us to pick efficient production plans when the demand arises in real-time.

Case Studies

Warehouse and Workforce Management

Manhattan Implementation

ITOrizon was selected to fine-tune customer’s warehouse management application settings and improvise warehouse operation flows to meet their SLAs. 


Oracle Implementation

ITOrizon was introduced to implement Oracle WMS (LogFire), Setup warehouse design, WMS flow design, config and training. 


Reflex Implementation

ITOrizon was chosen to design & implement the first Reflex WMS solution in the US. The solution was to manage their increasing partial pallet issues, improve inventory traceability, and meet production line demands.

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