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Manhattan Active Solutions empower enterprises to streamline complex operations, adapt to market changes, and foster innovation with agility. At ITOrizon, our specialized focus lies in the seamless implementation and optimization of Manhattan Associates’ omni & supply chain suite. We possess the expertise required to strategize, design, and execute successful solutions tailored to your specific needs. With an in-depth understanding of the suite, we ensure a confident selection, implementation, or optimization of solutions that enable flexible operations and meet your dynamic business demands. We conduct thorough needs assessments, guaranteeing alignment between the Manhattan Active suite, budgetary considerations, and timeline. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support throughout the process, including implementation, configuration, data migration, system integration, and workflow design.

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How ITOrizon Can Help You?

Consulting and Advisory

ITOrizon analyzes your supply chain operations, identifies areas for improvement, and designs tailored solutions with our in-depth expertise and knowledge of the Manhattan Active suite. Our team understands the application suite inside out, including its capabilities, features, and best practices. This experience allows us to guide our clients in making informed decisions, optimizing configurations, and leveraging the full potential of the Manhattan Active products.

Design and Implementation

Based on the needs assessment, we design a tailored solution by creating a roadmap and comprehensive implementation plan that aligns with your goals, timeline, and budget. Our SMEs will assist you in implementing and configuring the Manhattan Active products by handling processes such as data migration, system integration, and customization to your unique requirements.

Support & Application Managed Services

We continuously monitor and assess the performance of the Manhattan Active implementation by analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs). Identify areas for improvement and optimize configurations and workflows to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall supply chain performance. We offer 24/7 continuous support and maintenance services, including troubleshooting, software updates to ensure that your ecosystem runs smoothly, and any technical challenges are promptly addressed, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Integration and Configuration

Manhattan Associates offer an extensive configuration option, ProActive, to tailor the software to your specific business processes. ITOrizon works with you to configure the system settings, define user roles and permissions, and develop custom integration components, such as APIs, connectors, or middleware, to facilitate the exchange of data and real-time synchronization between Manhattan Active products and other systems. If necessary, we develop custom code, scripts, or configurations within Manhattan Active products to meet your specific needs.

DevOps and Testing

ITOrizon offers a range of DevOps services to establish continuous integration and deployment pipelines, automated testing through frameworks and tools, conducts performance and security testing, and sets up monitoring and alerting systems. We also assist with environment management, fostering a DevOps culture and collaboration, and implementing release management processes. Our team thoroughly tests the customizations to ensure they function as intended and do not disrupt the core functionality of Manhattan Active products. Our team performs regression testing to validate that existing features are not affected by the customizations.

Why Choose ITOrizon?

ITOrizon is a dedicated supply chain service provider specializing in Manhattan Associates’ product suite for retailers, distributors, and third-party logistics providers. We help our clients implement advanced supply chain technologies from Manhattan, such as warehouse management, transportation management, and omni-channel order management. With our extensive knowledge and technical proficiency, we have successfully completed more than 25 Manhattan projects. Our team consists of over 200 experienced consultants located worldwide. We ensure a client-centric approach throughout the implementation and integration process and provide comprehensive training and ongoing support to enable businesses to fully leverage the potential of Manhattan Active and maintain their competitiveness in an ever-changing market.

Key Achievements

5 Continents

Where we have active customers


Largest SCM Program we have been part of providing more than one fourth of the required SMEs

1500+ Warehouses

Where our architects have implemented a WMS or TMS

600K+ Pick Locations

Largest Dynamic Pick Location Strategy

1M+ Pick Locations

Largest Permanent Pick Location Strategy

1.2M+ Sq.Ft.

Largest Warehouse Designed


Peak Day Order Volume

4 Months

Shortest WMS implementation in the cloud for a 1M+ Sq. Ft. warehouse

13 Million+

Maximum SKUs integrated between an MDM and WMS

3 ERPs

Maximum number of ERPs integrated for a single customer

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