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Solving Business Cases with the Right Technology Solves Half the Problem

Deploying the right team at the right time solves the rest.

Vendor Evaluation Program

As platforms evolve and new technologies pop up, you need a disciplined approach to cut through the noise and find what really works. Let us help you find the ‘non-gimmicky’ gems in the tech world. At ITOrizon, we’re here to guide you through the vendor selection process with care and precision. We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and evaluate the best contenders. 

ITOrizon supports enterprises in choosing the right products and services on the allocated budget.  

Decision driver models evaluate five top-level criteria:  

  • Product — Generally available field-deployed product capabilities  
  • Cost — Initial and ongoing investments  
  • Services and Support — Professional services and support capabilities  
  • Viability — Financial and organizational viability  
  • Vision — Assessment of vendors’ product, corporate, and marketplace direction 
Did you know?

“77% of B2B buyers state that their latest purchase was very complex & difficult.”
- Gartner

Engagement Scope

RFP Rollout

RFP Assessment

Transformation Roadmap


Engagement Scope


Program Management

Current State & Target State Analysis

RFP Scoping & Development

RFP Rollout

Vendor Engagement

Response Gathering and Analysis

RFP Assessment

Scoring & Recommendation

Feedback Sessions

Transformation Roadmap

Ecosystem Landscape, Infrastructure Process Change Review

Strategy & Roadmap Decision


Contract Creation & Negotiations, Risks Mitigation

Lead Demos & Trainings

Engagement Value

Vendor Agnostic Feedback

Offers service for leading magic quadrant vendors

Competitor Edge

Holds competitors’ technology and processes

Product Indirect Perks

Acumen to assess secondary benefits knowing enterprise ecosystem

Product Implementation Challenges

Insights into product strengths and weaknesses from implementation & support

Fit-gap areas and resolution

Determine true gap and access to accelerators for top vendor products

Our Credentials

Our Supply Chain Strengths

Warehousing and Automation Application Design
Warehouse Operations Excellence
Global Ordering & Fulfillment Design and Optimization
Transportation Optimization Application Design
First Mile Last Mile Modernizations
Manufacturing Modernizations
End to End SCM Visibility
and Analytics
End to End SCM Transformation Design
End to End SCM Integration Design
Appointment, Dock and Yard Management Modernizations
Procurement Excellence
and AI Insights
Supplier Collaboration Modernizations
Dynamic Slotting and Machine Learning
Labor Planning and Productivity Tracking
Industry Recognitions


SCM Integrators List – 2020

Top 10 Consulting / Services Companies

Top 100 Logistics IT Provider – 2018

America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Providers 2017

Why Choose ITOrizon?

Sneak Peek into our WMS Vendor Selection Process

Our methodology is designed to fit the varying complexities of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Here’s how we categorize and select the best solutions for your needs:

Level 01:

WMS solutions for distribution centers needing basic functionality, including rudimentary bin tracking, single storage location systems, and mostly manual processes.

Level 02:

WMS solutions for centers requiring limited functionality with the first level of multi-location inventory storage capabilities.

Level 03:

WMS solutions for more complex, intelligent, automated, and directed capabilities.

Level 04:

WMS solutions for centers requiring value-added, extended decision support capabilities.

Level 05:

WMS solutions for highly automated centers with extensive material handling and people-driven processes.

Our Clientele

Supply Chain Transformation Projects​

Include ITOrizon in your upcoming RFP to secure competitive supply chain and technology services. Our experienced consultants are skilled in crafting RFPs and selecting the right vendors.

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