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In today’s marketplace, consumer expectations have evolved, requiring a retail experience that seamlessly merges brick-and-mortar and digital channels. At ITOrizon, we help businesses create holistic omnichannel strategies that cater to these evolving customer demands. Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the Manhattan Associates suite and our extensive experience in supply chain management, gained from working with leading retailers and brands, we empower your business to seamlessly integrate the physical and digital worlds. By facilitating seamless interactions between all your channels, we ensure a channel-agnostic experience that captivates your customers and fosters long-term loyalty.

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Our Client-Centric Manhattan Active OMNI Services

Consulting & Advisory

ITOrizon offers Manhattan Active OMNI consulting to streamline business processes, align SOPs and KPIs, identify improvements, and automate touchpoints to enable growth. We enhance efficiency through operational performance, bolstered by the Manhattan Active OMNI application.

Support & Application Managed Services

We provide 24/7 support with troubleshooting, issue resolution, and system updates. We offer comprehensive application-managed services to ensure seamless operation and minimal disruptions, maximizing the uptime of your solution. When new versions or enhancements are released for Manhattan Active OMNI our team will evaluate the benefits, plan and execute system upgrades, and implement new features or functionalities.

Consulting and Optimization Services

As a trusted Manhattan Active OMNI consulting partner, we bring unparalleled expertise in retail management. Our team excels in identifying areas for improvement, offering valuable insights, and recommending strategies to optimize retail network management and streamline operations. Gain access to industry-leading practices that will enhance your overall customer experience and drive success in your business.

DevOps and Testing

Our dedicated team is committed to tailoring a customized DevOps strategy that perfectly aligns with your unique business requirements. We excel in implementing cutting-edge test automation frameworks and tools, empowering you to execute tests with greater efficiency, expand test coverage, and significantly minimize the effort involved in regression testing. We specialize in conducting comprehensive performance testing for your Manhattan Active solution to proactively identify and resolve any performance bottlenecks or scalability concerns.

Integration and Customization

We offer tailored customization solutions to meet your unique processes, reporting needs, and integration requirements. If you have existing systems or applications within your retail ecosystem, our expert team can seamlessly integrate Manhattan Active OMNI with these platforms. We ensure smooth data exchange and synchronization between various systems, including CRM, ERP systems, and e-commerce platforms.

Manhattan Active OMNI Solutions

Order Management

Manhattan Active Order Management offers advanced capabilities for efficient order orchestration, unified order visibility, intelligent inventory allocation, and distributed order fulfillment. With features for order splitting and consolidation, customer communication, returns management, and robust analytics, it provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing the order management process.

Point of Sale (POS)

Manhattan Active Point of Sale offers a unified commerce experience with real-time inventory visibility, flexible checkout options, promotions and discounts, customer management, offline mode, streamlined returns and exchanges, robust reporting and analytics, seamless integration capabilities, and scalability. It empowers retailers to enhance customer experience, optimize operations, and drive sales.

Customer Engagement

Manhattan Active Customer Engagement offers robust features including customer segmentation, loyalty program management, omnichannel communication, personalized recommendations, and customer insights. It enables businesses to engage customers through targeted marketing campaigns, personalized offers, and seamless communication. With integrated customer service and social media integration, businesses can deliver exceptional experiences, track customer journeys, and gain valuable insights for data-driven decision-making.

Store Inventory & Fulfillment

Manhattan Active Store Inventory and Fulfillment offer real-time inventory visibility, optimized store replenishment, dynamic order routing, ship-from-store capability, click-and-collect/BOPIS, seamless order management integration, endless aisle experience, efficient in-store fulfillment, order tracking, and robust reporting. These features enable retailers to streamline inventory management, enhance order fulfillment processes, and provide exceptional customer experiences.

Why Partner with ITOrizon?

As a leading advisor in Manhattan Active Solutions, ITOrizon specializes in designing and implementing powerful omnichannel commerce solutions that empower retailers to deliver seamless brand experiences across all channels. With over 10 years of experience working with global retailers, we excel at identifying new growth opportunities and harnessing the potential of cloud-based omnichannel solutions. By leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of the Manhattan Active Suite, ITOrizon enables retailers to create truly differentiated omnichannel strategies, providing customers with personalized and channel-agnostic experiences across multiple touchpoints. Unleash the true potential of your business with ITOrizon and Manhattan Active, and deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences that set you apart from the competition.

Enhance Your Omnichannel Strategy with ITOrizon's Supply Chain Expertise!

Leveraging 10+ years of supply chain experience, ITOrizon specializes in helping retailers evaluate and recalibrate their omnichannel approach using Manhattan Active solutions.

What We do

Our Manhattan Premium Services

IT Consulting

  • Program Governance 
  • Requirements Definition  
  • Ecosystem Gap Analysis 
  • Operational Excellence 


  • Application Configurations 
  • Super-User Training 
  • Testing Planning & Management 
  • Testing Execution 
  • Benchmark Testing (VPT) 
  • End-to-End Ecosystem Integrations 
  • Data Conversion 
  • KPI Tracking and Reporting 
  • Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) Design and Development 
  • Go-Live and Production Support  

Emerging Technologies

  • PaaS Developments 
  • BeSpoke Developments 
  • Host Systems Integration 
  • SCM Module Enhancements 

Application & Infrastructure

  • OnPrem Environment Management 
  • CloudOps 
  • Cloud Transformation 

Managed Services

  • 24/7 Application Support 
  • Release Management 
  • Change Management 

Key Achievements

50+ Vendors

50+ Automation Vendors

35 Million USD

Largest SCM Program we have been part of providing more than one fourth of the required SMEs

1500+ Warehouses

Where our architects have implemented a WMS or TMS

1M+ Pick Locations

Largest Permanent Pick Location Strategy

600K+ Pick Locations

Largest Dynamic Pick Location Strategy

1.2 M+ Sq. Ft.

Largest Warehouse Designed


Peak Day Order Volume

4 Months

Shortest WMS implementation in the cloud for a 1M+ Sq. Ft. warehouse

13 Million+

Maximum SKUs integrated between an MDM and WMS

3 ERPs

Maximum number of ERPs integrated for a single customer

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Supply Chain Transformation Projects​

Include ITOrizon in your upcoming RFP to secure competitive supply chain and technology services. Our experienced consultants are skilled in crafting RFPs and selecting the right vendors.

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