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Gain Positive Impact on Freight Spend - Load Optimization - On Time Delivery - Logistics Visibility

As a leading Manhattan Active TMS system integrator, ITOrizon specializes in helping clients enhance their logistic KPIs through our unrivaled Manhattan product expertise and tailored software solutions.

Service Overview

ITOrizon's Expertise in Implementing Manhattan Associates TMS Solutions 

Unlock the full potential of your transportation operations with ITOrizon. Enhance your fleet optimization and dispatch processes, get deep parcel and courier support, and merge transportation and distribution operations in a single logistics cloud system. Whether you’re a global shipper or a regional company, our expertise in TMS implementation and technical capabilities will drive success for your Active TMS deployment.

The Premier Choice for Manhattan Active TMS Needs  

If your technology is draining resources rather than optimizing them, we can get you back on track. A professionally managed services provider can give you the decisive edge to:

Agile SCRUM Process:  

Accelerate implementation with our proprietary rapid rollout methodology within an agile framework.  

ProActive Development: 

Enhance and customize Active products efficiently, leveraging MA framework cost-effectively.   

Templatized Rapid Rollout:  

Deploy modules with flexible On-Off capabilities for each DC.  

Configuration Management:  

Seamlessly manage environments, master data, and configurations.  

Quality Assurance & Test Automation:  

Ensure top-notch quality with specialized QA tools for SOPs, regressions, and performance.  

Operational Reports:  

Get custom SCI reports tailored to your specific needs, with or without cloud replica databases.  

Our Credentials

Why Partner with ITOrizon?

ITOrizon combines its industry knowledge, consulting capabilities, and deep understanding of the Manhattan Active TMS to deliver comprehensive solutions that drive operational efficiency, improve visibility, and enhance overall supply chain performance for our clients. As trusted advisors, we guide organizations through seamless implementation and optimization of the Manhattan Active TMS, delivering ongoing support to ensure they maximize the potential of their TMS system.

In addition to TMS implementation, ITOrizon has in-depth project experience in designing and integrating Manhattan TMS with 3rd-party solutions.

Samsara Trailer Tracking

JB Hunt Telematics

NFI Telematics

Lily OBC

CAMS Prospero Dispatch


Infor EAM

Syntech Fuel Master





True Commerce

Ship Console

Navisphere Design

Samsara Trailer Tracking

JB Hunt Telematics

NFI Telematics

Lily OBC

CAMS Prospero Dispatch


Infor EAM

Syntech Fuel Master





True Commerce

Ship Console

Navisphere Design

Take the First Step Towards Simplifying Your Logistics Operation with Manhattan TMS!

ITOrizon specializes in helping clients with Manhattan TMS solution, which offers seamless management of your entire transportation network from the Cloud. 

What We do

Our Manhattan Premium Services

IT Consulting

  • Program Governance 
  • Requirements Definition  
  • Ecosystem Gap Analysis 
  • Operational Excellence 


  • Application Configurations 
  • Super-User Training 
  • Testing Planning & Management 
  • Testing Execution 
  • Benchmark Testing (VPT) 
  • End-to-End Ecosystem Integrations 
  • Data Conversion 
  • KPI Tracking and Reporting 
  • Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) Design and Development 
  • Go-Live and Production Support  

Emerging Technologies

  • PaaS Developments 
  • BeSpoke Developments 
  • Host Systems Integration 
  • SCM Module Enhancements 

Application & Infrastructure

  • OnPrem Environment Management 
  • CloudOps 
  • Cloud Transformation 

Managed Services

  • 24/7 Application Support 
  • Release Management 
  • Change Management 

Our Manhattan Active TMS
Engagement Highlights  

LTL Rating & Rate Management
Inbound Consolidation
Appointment Scheduling
Yard Management & Dispatch
Carrier On-boarding & Contracts
Order Consolidation
Carrier Load Planning
Multi-modal Order Planning
Multi-stop, Multi-leg &
Multi-tier Networking
Shipment Execution & Event Tracking
EDI Integration
Vendor Portal Design & Development
GDSN Design, Development
& Implementation

Our project engagements cover detailed design, customizations, and configurations of basic and complex TMS functionalities.

Perform multi-modal planning

Improve service levels and visibility

Proactive capacity planning

Enhance the flow of goods

Disruption and risk mitigation

Higher asset utilization

Reduce miles travelled

Decrease handling and transit times

Improve operational insight

Get self-tuning and self-configuring intelligence

Automate and standardize processes

Reduce IT capital and resource expense

How Can ITOrizon Help You?

Implementation and Configuration

At ITOrizon, we collaborate closely with our clients to implement the Active Transportation Management System (TMS) and configure it to perfectly align with their unique business needs. Our team ensures seamless customization of the system, accommodating your specific business rules, constraints, and workflows, helping you experience streamlined and efficient TMS solutions.

Consulting and Optimization Services

We provide Manhattan Active TMS consulting services to help clients optimize supply chain processes further. Our team of experts excels in carrier selection, route optimization, freight cost reduction, and performance analytics. By leveraging advanced data analysis and industry insights, we empower our clients to identify untapped opportunities and implement targeted strategies that elevate their transportation operations to new heights.

Support & Application Managed Services

Our flexible 24/7 support service programs include maintenance for the Manhattan Active TMS app, operational process assistance, troubleshooting, bug fixes, and infrastructure upgrades. These services help enterprises minimize disruptions, maximize uptime, and stay up to date with the latest technology. We offer both standard and premium support models for uninterrupted operations and smooth rollouts. Additionally, you can benefit from yearly peak readiness assessments and proactive technical and business audits to stay ahead of the curve.

DevOps and Testing Solutions

Experience the power of ITOrizon’s DevOps team as we accelerate the speed of feature deployment, functionality enhancements, and issue resolutions. With a strong DevOps culture, our collaborative approach seamlessly integrates development, operations, and testing teams. This synergy enables us to rapidly build, test, and release custom solutions, ensuring a steady stream of innovation and enhanced capabilities for our clients.

Industry Recognitions


SCM Integrators List – 2020

Top 10 Consulting / Services Companies

Top 100 Logistics IT Provider – 2018

America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Providers 2017

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Include ITOrizon in your upcoming RFP to secure competitive supply chain and technology services. Our experienced consultants are skilled in crafting RFPs and selecting the right vendors.

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