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ITOrizon embraces integrated supply chain management and design solutions that keep up with disruptions in business, market, and technologies.

Our Center of Excellence is deliberately formulated to deliver impeccable business value by guiding our customers on Business Expertise, Application Intricacies & Technology Competence all under one wing.   

ITOrizon Global Project Footprint

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    Today, warehouses are no longer just intermediary locations for storing inventories. They have matured and digitally transformed into modern warehouses. They yield numerous benefits from automating inventory processes to minimizing redundancy in warehouse operations.

    ITOrizon is one of the leading Supply Chain Management solution providers. We recognize that a robust and dynamic supply chain model is crucial for achieving a competitive edge. To achieve this, we bring in the best-in-class solutions and processes to our customers to help them manage their supply chain and optimize their fulfillment capabilities. Warehousing is one of the crucial elements of supply chain management. Our warehouse automation designs are dynamically tailored to cater to the unique needs of our clients from various industries. Our solutions are focused on optimizing space utilization, improving inventory accuracy, enhancing labor productivity, reducing operational cost and enabling multichannel fulfillment.

    We have successfully implemented projects using Manhattan Associates WMI, WMOS, WMS Active to leverage and extend our integrated supply chain management solutions across companies and industries globally. We design and integrate warehouse solutions with 3rd party shipping software like Connectship, Proship, TrueCommerce, UPS, FedEx and PaceJet. Our invaluable contribution to the supply chain industry has helped us gain recognition by Gartner Inc. as a specialty consulting firm in Gartner’s Warehousing and Fulfillment Vendor Guide.

    ITOrizon Edge

    Warehouse and Workforce Management

    ITOrizon designs and configures WMS functionalities such as Smart Receiving, Receiving Packs, Inbound Vendor Quality Audit, Cubiscan; Putaway Strategy, Release Waves and Preview Waves, Order Streaming, Streaming Replenishment, Task Interleaving, Task and Equipment Eligibility, Replenishment Strategy, Tracking LPNs and Packs in Active, Permanent and Dynamic Pick Location Strategy, Order Consolidation, Unit Sorter Sortation and Integration Strategy, Pick To Light Strategy, Put To Light Strategy, Pre-Sorting Strategy, ASRS Integration, Bulk Picking Strategy, Pick Cart Planning, Retailer Compliance, Manual Sortation, Pack Slips, Parcel Rate Shopping, Parcel Compliance, Outbound Audit. We also work with MHE.

    Key Achievements

    5 Continents

    Where we have active customers

    35 Million USD

    Largest SCM Program we have been part of providing more than one fourth of the required SMEs

    1500+ Warehouses

    Where our architects have implemented a WMS or TMS

    1M+ Pick Locations

    Largest Permanent Pick Location Strategy

    600K+ Pick Locations

    Largest Dynamic Pick Location Strategy

    1.2 M+ Sq. Ft.

    Largest Warehouse Designed


    Peak Day Order Volume

    4 Months

    Shortest WMS implementation in the cloud for a 1M+ Sq. Ft. warehouse

    13 Million+

    Maximum SKUs integrated between an MDM and WMS

    3 ERPs

    Maximum number of ERPs integrated for a single customer

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