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Logistics & Transportation
Logistics & Transportation

Globalization and e-commerce evolution have made business complex for suppliers, retailers, carriers, and 3rd party logistics. Transportation and Global Trade Management Solutions provide a comprehensive set of modules for companies to streamline all their transport-related activities throughout their Global Supply Chain. ITOrizon assists customers with their logistics processes and automates their business transportation processes globally using customer’s preferred TMS and GTM vendor. We aid customers in optimizing assets, productivity, service levels, and, most importantly, minimizing transportation costs without risking customer experience. Our design experts seamlessly accommodate the requirements of businesses and Logistic Service Providers (LSPs) and conveniently tie together functional silos, geographic regions, currencies, languages, and business units. Above all, our distinct global compliance solutions offer our clients the ability to centralize their global trade operations irrespective of their geographical location. We have successfully implemented transportation solutions from Manhattan Associates, Oracle, Ramco, IBM, and Synapse by applying our integrated supply chain management expertise. Our invaluable contribution to the supply chain industries has helped us gain recognition by Gartner Inc. as a specialty consulting firm in Gartner’s Warehousing and Fulfillment Vendor Guide.

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We specialize in building a trade data repository for all the legal and regulatory corporate trade compliances. We specialize in First Mile, Last Mile and Reverse Logistics solutioning with or without third party logistics in play, installing onboard computers and Internet Of Things(IoT) to track shipment status, driver performance, asset monitoring features and much more.

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