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Oracle Transportation Management Services

Design a winning transportation strategy with our extensive and comprehensive Oracle service knowledge.

Overcome These Common TMS Pitfalls: How Does Oracle TMS Stand Out?

  • Inadequate shipment tracking and lack of real-time data.
  • Managing international shipments, customs, and trade regulations.
  • Inability to integrate with ERP and WMS systems, causing data silos.
  • Limited tools to measure performance and identify improvements.
  • Difficulty optimizing freight routes and schedules.
  • Solutions fail to scale with business growth, causing bottlenecks.
  • Heavy reliance on manual processes, reducing efficiency and increasing errors.
  • Lack of robust carrier management features.
  • Difficulty managing global supply chains with disparate systems.

Transform Your Logistics for the New Normal

ITOrizon adds transformational value by providing dynamic and adaptable transportation management solutions through the power of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Covering aspects from strategic planning to process enhancement, as well as execution and ongoing support, ITOrizon’s comprehensive services empower you to fully capitalize on your investment in transportation technology. As a strategic partner for OTM implementation, we ensure that you have access to accurate data and the necessary supply chain visibility. By applying today’s best practices, drawing upon our extensive expertise in the supply chain industry vertical, and employing a flexible and proven methodology, our Oracle TMS services are primed to achieve outcomes that exceed your expectations.


Engagement Scope

Transportation Order Management
Carrier and Rate
Order and Shipment Planning
Shipment Booking and Tendering
Transportation Procurement
Visibility and Event Management
Fleet and Driver Management
Business Process Automation
Freight Payment, Billing and Claims
Transportation Intelligence
Transportation Operational Planning
Forwarding and Brokerage Operations
Reporting & Document Management
Integration with Oracle
EBS & SCM apps

Connect with us today to elevate your logistics operations! 

With 10+ years of experience in the Oracle ecosystem & supply chain industry, we’ll address your pain points and unlock the full potential of OTM. As an authorized Oracle partner, ITOrizon specializes in offering end-to-end OTM consulting services for companies all over the world. Whether it’s optimizing workflows, enhancing system capabilities, or providing comprehensive training, we’ll ensure your OTM implementation aligns with your business objectives and delivers measurable outcomes.

ITOrizon: The Premier Choice for Oracle Cloud Needs 

Unified Global Design:

Tailored for diverse DC operations, seamlessly blending retail and eCommerce with future-ready automation flexibility.

Agile SCRUM Process:

Accelerate implementation with our proprietary rapid rollout methodology within an agile framework.

PaaS Development:

Enhance and customize cloud products efficiently, leveraging OIC framework cost-effectively.

Templatized Rapid Rollout:

Deploy modules with flexible On-Off capabilities for each DC.

Configuration Management:

Seamlessly manage environments, master data, and configurations.

Quality Assurance & Test Automation:

Ensure top-notch quality with specialized QA tools for WCS flow testing, SOPs, regressions, and performance.

Operational Reports:

Get custom BI reports tailored to your specific needs, with or without cloud replica databases.

Inventory Design:

Accurate inventory tracking for manufacturing parts and sellable finished goods.

What We do

Our Oracle Premium Services

IT Consulting

  • Program Governance 
  • Requirements Definition  
  • Ecosystem Gap Analysis 
  • Operational Excellence 


  • Application Configurations 
  • Super-User Training 
  • Testing Planning & Management 
  • Testing Execution 
  • Benchmark Testing (VPT) 
  • End-to-End Ecosystem Integrations 
  • Data Conversion 
  • KPI Tracking and Reporting 
  • Business Intelligence (BI, OTBI, OBIEE,FTI, GTI, FAW, OAC)
  • Go-Live and Production Support  

Emerging Technologies

Application & Infrastructure

  • OnPrem Environment Management 
  • CloudOps 
  • Cloud Transformation 

Managed Services

  • 24/7 Application Support 
  • Release Management 
  • Change Management 
Our Credentials

ISG rated ITOrizon as a contending services partner for the Oracle Ecosystem in various quadrants.

This quadrant evaluates the Oracle SCM consulting and advisory service providers that help enterprises modernize, optimize, and transform their business operations to increase efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

This quadrant assesses service providers’ ability to develop accelerators and components that drive the efficiency and quality of implementations.

This quadrant assesses service providers that offer support to run enterprise clients’ businesses, including technical and operational tasks encompassing customization, personalization, and configuration.

ITOrizon positioned as a specialty consulting firm in Gartner’s market guide for the third consecutive time.

  • Overall Supply Chain Strategy
  • Digital Supply Chain Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management Suites (SCM)
  • Supply Chain Execution Suites (SCE)
  • Multichannel Suites
  • Standalone WMS (Cloud SaaS & On-premise)
  • Multicarrier Parcel Management
  • Slotting, WFM, WES, WCS, AGV, AMR SCE Supporting Technologies

Why Choose ITOrizon?

Leveraging a robust Oracle partnership, ITOrizon is equipped with the knowledge to expedite OTM’s implementation, ensuring quicker returns on investment. The company helps in constructing compelling business cases for OTM adoption, aligning software requirements with business capabilities and correlating anticipated outcome with significant milestones. Regardless of whether logistics oversight is regional or global, ITOrizon amalgamates technology, processes, and experience to establish a holistic logistics framework. This results in reduced freight expenditure, improved visibility and control, and efficient management of key performance indicators.

What We do

ITOrizon assisted Oracle customers with designing, configuring, and customizing OTM to reap the following benefits:

Order Management and Optimization

  • Optimize order consolidation for cost savings.
  • Seamlessly integrate sales and transfer orders. 
  • Enhance order fulfillment and inventory management.
  • Improve sales order and transfer order processing.
  • Expedite order delivery.  
  • Offer real-time tracking option for customers. 
  • Manage domestic and cross-border export orders.
  • Ensure compliance with international trade regulations.

Packaging and Freight Efficiency

  • Implement efficient packing and stacking rules.
  • Minimize transportation costs and damage.  
  • Precisely track batch and expiry information.
  • Consolidate freight (Direct, Multi-Stop, Round Trip). 
  • Manage multi-modal, import/export, and FCL/LCL shipments.
  • Automate carrier selection and tendering.
  • Ensure optimal carrier choices. 
  • Minimize storage time with cross-docking. 

Transportation Planning & Execution

  • Optimize transportation mode selection (FTL, LTL, Parcel).  
  • Balance cost, delivery time, and capacity constraints.  
  • Develop routing guides for efficient route planning.  
  • Consider traffic, weather, and road conditions.
  • Ensure efficient vehicle inspection and placement.
  • Establish effective carrier communication channels.
  • Track shipments and manage exceptions.  
  • Monitor and reconcile planned vs. actual operations.

Container and Logistics Management

  • Optimize container management.
  • Efficiently track and settle reverse logistics. 
  • Identify and leverage return load opportunities. 
  • Integrate vessel and flight schedules. 
  • Develop carrier scorecards. 
  • Implement event and exception management. 
  • Manage carriers/containers within the yards. 

Financial and Cost Management

  • Streamline payment processes. 
  • Accurate freight cost allocation. 
  • Automate freight bill auditing. 
  • Monitor detention and demurrage charges.
Industry Recognitions


SCM Integrators List – 2020

Top 10 Consulting / Services Companies

Top 100 Logistics IT Provider – 2018

America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Providers 2017

Recent Success Stories 

Improving Bottom Line Through Transportation Optimization

A leading global networking equipment manufacturer based in the USA improved its bottom line by optimizing transportation using Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Our Oracle TMS implementation team helped the company deploy OTM for both outbound and inbound logistics, integrating it with Oracle E-Business Suite through Tibco and OSB. The implementation covered North America and EMEA operations across two significant transformation programs.

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How Can ITOrizon Help You?

Advisory and Consulting

With a focus on enhancing operational efficiency, we offer a range of expertise-driven solutions. Our team excels at identifying areas for process improvement, evaluating products to ensure the best fit for your needs, and preparing business cases aligned with strategic goals. Our Oracle TMS consulting team specializes in optimizing existing systems, providing insightful guidance for elevated performance. 

Process Designing and Implementation

Guided by a client-centric approach, we offer meticulous pre-planning and assessment that lays the foundation for a seamless journey. Our team is well-equipped to tailor solutions to your unique needs, whether you require a traditional implementation approach or a more agile rapid deployment. Beyond initial implementation, we provide comprehensive sustenance services, ensuring peak system operation. 

Customization and Integration

ITOrizon seamlessly integrates and customizes OTM to suit your precise requirements, enhancing functionality to align with business workflow. Our commitment extends to assisting clients in adopting a service-oriented architecture, allowing for seamless integrations with minimal change management. This approach not only facilitates a smooth transition but also future-proofs your operations by fostering adaptability and scalability. 

Extended Support and Maintenance

With a blend of onsite and offshore support, we offer a responsive, global reach that caters to your needs around the clock. Our post-implementation and rollout support guarantees a smooth transition and ongoing optimization. Through our dedicated 24/7/365 service desks, we stand by your side, addressing concerns and providing solutions in real-time. Additionally, our vigilant production monitoring and proactive preventative maintenance practices uphold the reliability and stability of your OTM system. 

Migration and Upgrades

Our expertise extends to facilitating smooth on-premises to Oracle Cloud migrations, providing robust support. We specialize in configuring applications from on-premise systems to cloud environments, ensuring a continuity of services that meets the highest standards. Our Oracle TMS consultants undertake version upgrades with precision, guaranteeing that your OTM system remains cutting-edge and optimized for efficiency. 

Extensive Development

We specialize in shaping intricate reports and dynamic dashboards that encompass the advanced capabilities of Transportation Intelligence to empower you with actionable insights that drive informed decision-making. Our development team engineers sophisticated automation processes that harmonize with your unique workflows, driving operational efficiency and precision. 


Supply Chain Transformation Projects​

Include ITOrizon in your upcoming RFP to secure competitive supply chain and technology services. Our experienced consultants are skilled in crafting RFPs and selecting the right vendors.