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Attain Warehouse Throughput with Material Handling Systems

Optimizing Efficiency through Automation 

We Design and Implement
Top 3 Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders

Level 1 to Level 5 Warehouses Automation Design​

At ITOrizon, we design automated warehouses to reach the full potential by maximizing the speed and accuracy of warehouse processes We have experience in designing the most complex and fully automated warehouses in various on-premise and cloud warehouse management, warehouse control, warehouse execution, robotics, material flow and conveyor systems. We thoroughly understand all the applications and hence can design the right level of touch points, decision matrix, data flow and formats, message protocols, inventory ownership, order/carton ownership, and exception handling. We have saved millions of dollars for our customers through synchronized WCS design to gain speed and accuracy in the warehouse processes. We have experience integrating warehouse management systems with SSI Schaefer, Dematic, Beumer, Intelligrated, Eurosort, Ivanti, Vo-collect, Voxware, Lightning Pick, Knapp, Geek+, Grey Orange, Compass, Matthews and Pyramid.

Did you know?

“50% of large enterprises will have adopted some form of intralogistics smart robots (ISR) in their warehouse or manufacturing operations by 2028.” - Gartner

Connecting Enterprises' SCM Modules with
Machines and Things 

Engagement Scope


Engagement Value

Optimized Task Allocation

Efficient Order Fulfillment

WorkFlow Optimization

Process Visibility

Optimal Resource Utilization

Maximize your operations with exceptional capacity, flexibility, and valuable insights across various platforms. Choose Your Platform Now!

Our Credentials

Our Supply Chain Strengths

Warehousing and Automation Application Design
Warehouse Operations Excellence
Global Ordering & Fulfillment Design and Optimization
Transportation Optimization Application Design
First Mile Last Mile Modernizations
Manufacturing Modernizations
End to End SCM Visibility
and Analytics
End to End SCM Transformation Design
End to End SCM Integration Design
Appointment, Dock and Yard Management Modernizations
Procurement Excellence
and AI Insights
Supplier Collaboration Modernizations
Dynamic Slotting and Machine Learning
Labor Planning and Productivity Tracking
Industry Recognitions


SCM Integrators List – 2020

Top 10 Consulting / Services Companies

Top 100 Logistics IT Provider – 2018

America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Providers 2017

Why Choose ITOrizon?

We have designed warehouse systems that connect ASRS, A-Frames, Mini Loaders, Goods to Person, High-Bay Shelving, Stacker Cranes, Unit Sorters (Cross Belt, Tilt-Tray, Bomb-Bay, Split-Tray, Push-Tray), Voice, Pick to Light Systems, Put to Light Systems, Cubiscans, Print & Apply Machines, Weighing Scales, Auto-Boxers, Auto-Baggers, Palletizers, Shipping Sorters, RFIDs, AGVs, and Drones. 

Key Achievements

50+ Vendors

50+ Automation Vendors

35 Million USD

Largest SCM Program we have been part of providing more than one fourth of the required SMEs

1500+ Warehouses

Where our architects have implemented a WMS or TMS

1M+ Pick Locations

Largest Permanent Pick Location Strategy

600K+ Pick Locations

Largest Dynamic Pick Location Strategy

1.2 M+ Sq. Ft.

Largest Warehouse Designed


Peak Day Order Volume

4 Unit Sorters

Maximum Unit Sorters Designed for a single facility

13 Million+

Maximum SKUs integrated between an MDM and WMS

3 ERPs

Maximum number of ERPs integrated for a single customer

ITOrizon Differentiators

A niche global player with unique advantages, augmenting enterprises’ resource scarcity with industry veterans.


  • Industry & Business Knowledge
  • Design, Implement, and Enhance SCM modules
  • Design and Implement Warehouse Automation 
  • Design, Develop, and Implement Ecosystem Integration 
  • Zero Code Extensions

Engagement Model

  • 24 X 7 Support – Customer Time Zone
  • Level 1 – 2 – 3 Production Support
  • Flexible Pricing Model


  • Scalable Global Design 
  • Magic Quadrant Product Insights
  • Industry-Specific Configuration Exposure 
  • Singular team managing operations, applications, and technologies group under one wing
  • Goes beyond playbook support and offers continuous application support


  • Access to Senior Supply Chain and Technology Veterans
  • Onsite – Onshore – Offshore team
  • Peak Season Onsite Support

Our Clientele

Supply Chain Transformation Projects​

Include ITOrizon in your upcoming RFP to secure competitive supply chain and technology services. Our experienced consultants are skilled in crafting RFPs and selecting the right vendors.

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