Design - Customize - Deploy

Bespoke Solution Development and PaaS Solution Support

Digitally mature organizations outperform their peers consistently, and ITOrizon has a strong track record in leveraging technology to our customers’ advantage. We have deep expertise in customer business, inner-workings of applications, and technology innovations in on-prem, cloud, and hybrid models. Therefore, we carefully recommend digital roadmaps keeping clients’ existing infrastructure, immediate business goals, and long-term cost savings in mind. Equally, our robust and sophisticated digital strategies help organizations leverage technology as differentiators to build the brand and deliver customer experience. We also study customer motivations for digitalization, whether cost reduction, increased performance, business agility, or scalability, and guide them with the best practices and technology stack. As a result, customers have the flexibility to determine the best course of action for their business based on the overall business strategy, internal resource strengths, timelines, and budgets.

Established Best Practices on Cloud Adoption, Cloud Security, High Availability, Cloud Database Replication

Associates Certified in AWS, GCP, OCI

Proven Track Record on Application uptime and High Customer Satisfaction

ITOrizon Edge

Our associates specialize in an array of digital business technologies, avoiding the need to hop between different teams. This adds enormous value to our customers’ businesses and allows them to maximize the value of digital technology.

Any digital transformation initiatives encompass multiple phases and could take years to complete. However, dynamic business needs have to be accommodated quickly. We meet this requirement by leveraging our SaaS composable platform to build business capabilities that are both faster and agile.   

At ITOrizon, we offer rehosting, refactoring, rearchitecting, and rebuilding digital solutions as per customer technology road maps. We have a dedicated practice that focuses on assisting traditional businesses transform digitally to create new value in business models, meet market demands, deliver customer experiences and the internal capabilities that support client core operations. Besides, we offer modernizing services that covert monolithic code to microservices and REST services, custom extension development with SaaS applications, and custom enhancements on the PaaS platform.

Modernization Programs

Technology Consolidation

  • Revamping Legacy Operational Systems to Emerging platform(Rearchitect)
  • Modernizing Integration Layers(Microservices, API)
  • Operational Innovation
  • Integrating Legacy Systems with Cloud SaaS Applications
  • API Integration
  • Microservices Implementation
  • External Partner Integrations

Cloud Transformation Programs

  • Cloud Move Assessment & Deployments
  • Cloud Architecture Blueprint
  • Lift and Shift Cloud Migration
  • Infrastructure Automation (IA)
  • Containerization Implementation
  • Infrastructure As Code
  • Cluster Computing

 App Development

  • PaaS Enhancements(Oracle OIC, UCBOS, )
  • Cloud Native Apps Development
  • Progressive Web Apps Development
  • App Store Management
  • Adhoc Development (Bespoke)

Data Analytics

  • Develop KPIs Dashboards
  • Security Analysis & Compliance(PCI, GDPR, CASL)

ITOrizon customer programs involves some of these technologies

PaaS Design & Development

Case Studies

PaaS Design & Development

Cloud based RV Rental System

The Fraserway RV rental organization’s aspiration is to go digital by modernizing their website and rental management solution by building a highly sophisticated custom platform

Paas Design & Development

On Prem to Google Cloud Platform Journey

The retail customer is in need of setting up Manhattan’s WMS replicated database instance in Google Cloud Platform for their ETL, and BI needs.

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