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Enable Bespoke Solution and PaaS Enhancement for Business Differentiators

Driving Business Excellence through Technology  

What we do

At ITOrizon, we design and customize solutions around business processes and never force the business process to fit the product or technology feasibility.

Statistically, digitally mature organizations outperform their peers consistently, and ITOrizon has a strong track record in leveraging technology to our customers’ advantage and helping enterprises outperform their competitions. We have deep expertise in customer business, inner-workings of applications, and technology innovations in on-prem, cloud, and hybrid models. Therefore, we carefully recommend digital roadmaps keeping clients’ existing infrastructure, immediate business goals, and long-term cost savings in mind. Equally, our robust and sophisticated digital strategies help organizations leverage technology as differentiators to build the brand and deliver customer experience. We also study customer motivations for digitalization, whether cost reduction, increased performance, business agility, or scalability, and guide them with the best practices and technology stack. As a result, customers have the flexibility to determine the best course of action for their business based on the overall business strategy, internal resource strengths, timelines, and budgets. 

Engagement Scope

Engagement Scope

Engagement Value

SCM Resilience

Warehouse Assessment & Advisory

Control Tower Supplier Enablement

Omni Inventory Visibility

Procurement & Auctioning

Reverse Logistics

Zero Code Technology

Tech Debt-Free IT Apps

Tech Debt-Free SCM Module Extensions


Release Testing Automation Scripts

ITOrizon customer programs involve
some of these technologies

Our Credentials

Our Supply Chain Strengths

Warehousing and Automation Application Design
Warehouse Operations Excellence
Global Ordering & Fulfillment Design and Optimization
Transportation Optimization Application Design
First Mile Last Mile Modernizations
Manufacturing Modernizations
End to End SCM Visibility
and Analytics
End to End SCM Transformation Design
End to End SCM Integration Design
Appointment, Dock and Yard Management Modernizations
Procurement Excellence
and AI Insights
Supplier Collaboration Modernizations
Dynamic Slotting and Machine Learning
Labor Planning and Productivity Tracking
Industry Recognitions


SCM Integrators List – 2020

Top 10 Consulting / Services Companies

Top 100 Logistics IT Provider – 2018

America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Providers 2017

Why Choose ITOrizon?

  • Dedicated Emerging Technology Practice  
  • Established Best Practices on Cloud Adoption, Cloud Security, High Availability, Cloud Database Replication 
  • Associates Certified in AWS, GCP, OCI 
  • Proven Track Record on Application uptime and High Customer Satisfaction 
  • Renowned Supply Chain Practices  

Our USP / Key Differentiators

A niche global player with unique advantages to augment enterprises’ resource scarcity by leveraging industry veterans.  


  • Industry & Business knowledge 
  • Design, Implement, and Enhance SCM modules 
  • Design and Implement Warehouse Automations 
  • Design, Develop, and Implement Ecosystem Integration 
  • Zero Code Extensions 

Engagement Model

  • 24 X 7 Support – Customer Time Zone 
  • Level 1 – 2 – 3 Production Support 
  • Flexible Pricing Model 


  • Scalable Global Design 
  • Magic Quadrant Product Insights 
  • Industry Specific Configuration Exposure 
  • Singular team managing operations, applications, and technologies group under one wing 
  • Goes beyond playbook support and offers continuous application support. 


  • Access to Senior Supply Chain and Technology Veterans 
  • Onsite – Onshore – Offshore team 
  • Peak Season Onsite Support 
Our Clientele

Supply Chain Transformation Projects​

Include ITOrizon for your upcoming RFP to secure competitive supply chain and technology services. Our experienced consultants are skilled in crafting RFPs and electing right vendors.

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