Project Profile

  • Introduce and implement Oracle WMS (LogFire) – UK based Biotechnology company.
  • Maintain biochemical product under various storage environments.
  • Integrate with Oracle ERP and Oracle manufacturing system. Warehouse set up design, WMS flow design, config and training.


  • Customer did not use any WMS prior to the project. They do not have a clear concept on warehouse management.
  • Biochemical product requires very different storage locations from room temperature, 4℃, -20℃, -80℃ to liquid nitrogen tank.

  • Biochemical products are usually liquid and stored in vail, which adds difficulty to tracking.
  • Difficulty in measuring liquid product especially for work order and managing waste.


  • Visited 8 facilities in US, UK, China and Japan to present WMS basic concept and set up warehouse locations for different storage environment.
  • Successfully developed hole tracking method to track location of individual vial.
  • Successfully designed UOM for liquid product, managing waste process and cycle count process to better maintain inventory.