What are the benefits of Oracle Transportation Management(OTM)?

Oracle Transportation Management

Oracle Transportation Management is a comprehensive solution that offers end-to-end management of transportation activity, ensuring visibility into daily operations, trade compliance, and timely freight delivery via land, sea, or air. With OTM, you can schedule logistics, invoice clients, model shipping networks, and more. Integrating seamlessly with ERP systems, warehouse management solutions, and other digital tools, OTM enhances visibility and streamlines business processes for maximum efficiency. 

Benefits of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM)

Optimize logistics network: Determine optimal transportation solutions from simple point-to-point to complex multimodal, multileg, and cross-dock operations. 

Streamline bids, orders, and shipping plans: Efficiently secure bids, plan inbound/outbound orders, and optimize shipping plans by collaborating with logistics service providers and shipping partners. 

Maximize productivity with automation: Proactively manage order and shipment lifecycles through automated milestone monitoring. 

Automate freight billing, payment, and financial monitoring: Consolidate transportation orders, automate billing/payment, and monitor financial performance with capabilities for costing, payables, revenue recognition, and dispute management. 

Implement fleet-specific planning and optimization: Utilize fleet resources fully by incorporating current fleet state and external carrier capabilities. 

Provide real-time shipment status and supply chain visibility: Respond to inquiries instantly, resolve issues faster, and enhance customer satisfaction with 24/7 real-time shipment tracking and improved supply chain visibility. 

ITOrizon – Overview

As an authorized Oracle partner, ITOrizon specializes in OTM implementations for companies like yours all over the World. With 10+ years of experience in the Oracle ecosystem & supply chain industry, we’ll address your pain points and unlock the full potential of OTM. Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes consulting, rapid implementation, upgrade, PaaS customization, and application-managed services. Whether you need onsite, nearshore, offshore, or blended delivery models, we have the flexibility to adapt to your unique requirements. Read more about our end-to-end OTM offerings here

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