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Struggling With Your Warehouse Management? Overcome These Common WMS Challenges

  • Limited scalability as the business grows.
  • Complex, costly upgrades and maintenance with significant downtime.
  • High upfront and ongoing costs for hardware, software, and maintenance.
  • Lack of real-time data, delaying decision-making.
  • Difficult integration with other enterprise systems, causing data silos.
  • Heavy reliance on manual processes, increasing errors and inefficiencies.
  • Poor inventory tracking, leading to stockouts or overstock.
  • Inadequate for managing high volumes of e-commerce and omnichannel orders.
  • Rigid systems struggling to adapt to new processes or market changes.
  • Poor warehouse space optimization, leading to higher costs.
  • Challenges in maintaining compliance and managing traceability.
  • Inability to meet customer expectations for timely, accurate deliveries.

Oracle Cloud Warehouse Management Services

At ITOrizon, we offer comprehensive Oracle WMS consulting and implementation services that transcend conventional results. Our team of warehouse consultants brings a rich blend of practical operational expertise and in-depth industry knowledge to the table. With a track record of successfully designing, optimizing, and managing warehouses across diverse sectors, we’re poised to elevate your warehouse operations significantly. We have a globally experienced and dedicated team to craft agile warehousing solutions with a sharp focus on flawless deliveries.

Top 5 Tips to Expedite Your Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud Implementation in 4 Months

Engagement Scope

Retail and E-commerce

  • Seamless Connection: Align technology and fulfillment for connected consumers. 
  • Omnichannel Excellence: Simplify multi-channel processes for customer satisfaction. 
  • End-to-End Inventory Mastery: Optimize inventory from manufacturers to consumers. 
  • Effortless Returns: Streamline returns with precise tagging and tracking. 
  • Efficient Merchandise Flow: Employ advanced algorithms for store-friendly shipments. 

Consumer Goods

  • Seamless Connection: Align fulfillment tech with consumer trends for optimal solutions. 
  • Unified Fulfillment: Consolidate multi-channel processes, elevating efficiency and satisfaction. 
  • Efficient Fulfillment: Store optimization, multi-stop routes, and more. 
  • Effortless Returns: Ensure accurate return tagging and tracking, reducing errors. 
  • Direct-to-Consumer Efficiency: Streamline picking for smaller, frequent orders. 

Wholesale Distribution

  • Efficient Fulfillment: Streamline inbound/outbound, cross-docking, and VAS tasks. 
  • Full Inventory View: Accurate and centralized inventory insights. 
  • Comprehensive Visibility: Yard-to-dock coordination for complete oversight. 
  • Dual Fulfillment: Support B2B and B2C with multi-stop route allocation.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

  • Agile Customer Solutions: Respond swiftly to evolving customer needs. 
  • Quick Implementation: Scale rapidly, and onboard customers in hours, not weeks. 
  • Cutting-Edge Service: Access the latest warehouse capabilities, and continuous innovation. 
  • Efficient Multi-locational Management: Easily handle multiple clients, and locations in one instance.


  • Precise Inventory Control: Optimize inbound, inventory, and outbound operations. 
  • Smart Tracking: Prevent shortages, and manage materials by lot, batch, and serial numbers. 
  • B2B & B2C Support: Customized wave allocations for diverse needs. 
  • Simplified Returns: Improved reverse logistics visibility and handling. 
  • Automation Integration: Connect MHE with WCS for streamlined operations.

ITOrizon: The Premier Choice for Oracle Cloud Needs 

Unified Global Design:

Tailored for diverse DC operations, seamlessly blending retail and eCommerce with future-ready automation flexibility.

Agile SCRUM Process:

Accelerate implementation with our proprietary rapid rollout methodology within an agile framework.

PaaS Development:

Enhance and customize cloud products efficiently, leveraging OIC framework cost-effectively.

Templatized Rapid Rollout:

Deploy modules with flexible On-Off capabilities for each DC.

Configuration Management:

Seamlessly manage environments, master data, and configurations.

Quality Assurance & Test Automation:

Ensure top-notch quality with specialized QA tools for WCS flow testing, SOPs, regressions, and performance.

Operational Reports:

Get custom BI reports tailored to your specific needs, with or without cloud replica databases.

Inventory Design:

Accurate inventory tracking for manufacturing parts and sellable finished goods.

What We do

Our Oracle Premium Services

IT Consulting

  • Program Governance 
  • Requirements Definition  
  • Ecosystem Gap Analysis 
  • Operational Excellence 
  • Robotics, Lights & MHE Automation Design 


  • Application Configurations 
  • Super-User Training 
  • Testing Planning & Management 
  • Testing Execution 
  • Benchmark Testing (VPT) 
  • End-to-End Ecosystem Integrations 
  • Data Conversion 
  • KPI Tracking and Reporting 
  • Business Intelligence (BI, OTBI, OBIEE,FTI, GTI, FAW, OAC)
  • Go-Live and Production Support  

Emerging Technologies

  • PaaS Developments 
  • BeSpoke Developments 
  • Host Systems Integration 
  • MHE/WCS/IoT/RFID Integration Development 
  • MHE/WCS/IoT/RFID Integration Testing 
  • SCM Module Enhancements 

Application & Infrastructure

  • OnPrem Environment Management 
  • CloudOps 
  • Cloud Transformation 

Managed Services

  • 24/7 Application Support 
  • Release Management 
  • Change Management 
Our Credentials

ISG rated ITOrizon as a contending services partner for the Oracle Ecosystem in various quadrants.

This quadrant evaluates the Oracle SCM consulting and advisory service providers that help enterprises modernize, optimize, and transform their business operations to increase efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

This quadrant assesses service providers’ ability to develop accelerators and components that drive the efficiency and quality of implementations.

This quadrant assesses service providers that offer support to run enterprise clients’ businesses, including technical and operational tasks encompassing customization, personalization, and configuration.

ITOrizon positioned as a specialty consulting firm in Gartner’s market guide for the third consecutive time.

  • Overall Supply Chain Strategy
  • Digital Supply Chain Strategy
  • Supply Chain Management Suites (SCM)
  • Supply Chain Execution Suites (SCE)
  • Multichannel Suites
  • Standalone WMS (Cloud SaaS & On-premise)
  • Multicarrier Parcel Management
  • Slotting, WFM, WES, WCS, AGV, AMR SCE Supporting Technologies
  • Warehouse/Distribution Center Operations
  • Transportation Operations
  • Store and Multichannel Operations
  • Supply Chain Planning (S&OP)

Why Choose ITOrizon?

With decades of collective expertise, our team boasts a profound mastery of Oracle WMS, consistently staying abreast of the latest trends and strategies to offer you forefront solutions. Through the adept utilization of industry best practices and refined strategies, we generate palpable enhancements in your warehouse’s efficiency and profitability, yielding real-world results. We possess extensive hands-on experience combined with cutting-edge analytical tools and application knowledge to effectively manage and enhance warehouses.


ITOrizon assisted Oracle customers in designing, configuring, and customizing Oracle Cloud WMS to reap the following benefits:

Dock Appointment Management
Receive, Cross Dock, and Direct Putaway
Reverse Logistics Management
Custom Value-Added Services (VAS)
Kitting and De-Kitting
Tasking & Location Management
Automate Cycle Counting
1D and 2D Multi-Field Barcodes
User-Configurable Wave Allocation
Replenishment Management
Store Distribution Management
Yard Management

Streamline Your Operations with Oracle Warehouse Management Solution for Unrivaled Efficiency

ITOrizon stands as a pioneer in integrating logistics solutions into Oracle WMS, providing comprehensive support for all APIs. Our solutions enhance inventory visibility across fulfillment centers, stores, 3PLs, and in-transit inventory with real-time data, facilitating a shift from a linear to a multi-dimensional supply chain approach. Get in touch with us today! 

Key Achievements

50+ Vendors

50+ Automation Vendors

35 Million USD

Largest SCM Program we have been part of providing more than one fourth of the required SMEs

1500+ Warehouses

Where our architects have implemented a WMS or TMS

1M+ Pick Locations

Largest Permanent Pick Location Strategy

600K+ Pick Locations

Largest Dynamic Pick Location Strategy

1.2 M+ Sq. Ft.

Largest Warehouse Designed


Peak Day Order Volume

4 Unit Sorters

Maximum Unit Sorters Designed for a single facility

13 Million+

Maximum SKUs integrated between an MDM and WMS

3 ERPs

Maximum number of ERPs integrated for a single customer

Industry Recognitions


SCM Integrators List – 2020

Top 10 Consulting / Services Companies

Top 100 Logistics IT Provider – 2018

America’s Fastest Growing Companies

Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Providers 2017

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Our Clientele

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