Business Outcome without Technical Debt

Why Composability ?

Speed to Solution

Business Agility

Zero Code

ITOrizon leads a structured analysis process that helps clients discover the areas in the IT and Supply Chain Ecosystem that need to be brought onto the composable platform based on the business value, IT readiness, and implementation synergy.

Composability Resolves

Process Execution Limitations

Disjointed Synergy

Adhoc Business Needs

Strategic IT Roadmap

Information/Decision Handicap

Operational Visibility

Our Engagement Steps Involve


  • Interview Business Stakeholders
  • Interview IT
  • Fill in Discovery Questionaire
  • Analyze Information


  • Composable Business Areas Report
  • High Level Solution Approach Document
  • Estimates and Implementation Plan

Refine & Finalize

  • Business Requirements Prioritization
  • UCBOS Framework Mapping
  • Production Deployment (Saas/Paas)  
  • Train IT and Citizen Developers

Empower IT with Centralized Composition Platform

Faster Innovations in PaaS platform 

Personalize with Enterprise Grade Features

Recompose Solutions as per Business Need

Expedite Strategic IT Roadmap without Technical Debt

Zero Development or Deployment without vendor dependency

Save on Customizations and Maintenance Cost

SCM Compositions deliver the synchronized solution ecosystem that ultimately enable clients to:

  • Gain end-to-end visibility, visualization, and predictive insights through a common data platform
  • Streamline connectivity among nodes and value chain partners to reduce manual intervention via APS, WMS and TMS
  • Enable customer-facing operations for predictive, value-added activities through a command center of centralized information
  • Maximize asset investments such as machining and transportation fleet
  • Leverage a common data model to achieve rapid information exchange
  • Shorten response time to demand fluctuations and fulfillment variations by improving collaboration across the supply chain
  • Perform short-term forecasting using structured and unstructured information
  • Optimize margin by analysing and shaping casual factors and demand drivers
  • Drive resource efficiencies through automation and improved process effectiveness
  • Gain predictive insights on the financial impact or decisions (e.g cost to serve)
  • Track and optimize material movements
  • Design optimal network footprint to balance cost of delivery with service expectations
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