ITOrizon provides multiple supply chain cloud solutions for its customers. Some of our key areas of focus are :

Demand Management

ITO provides next-generation demand management solutions that incorporate replenishment planning, segmentation capabilities, new product introduction, and machine learning for planners.

demand management, management
Supply chain planning

Supply Chain Planning

We enable our customers to plan for the entire supply chain. Using supply planning customers can monitor and prioritize supply problems as well as predict and proactively respond to disruptions.

Sales and Operation Planning

Align business plans and operations across your sales, marketing, finance, and supply chain organizations. Build agility into your operations to orchestrate change across your organization and balance demand and supply for the best possible outcomes.

sales , operation planning
Inventory management

Inventory Management

Gain full visibility and control of the flow of goods across your organization’s global supply network enabling them to optimize inventory, service levels and working capital while decreasing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Maintenance Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your physical assets to achieve end-to-end visibility into your maintenance operations. Automate the process of creating and updating your asset information so you always have the most up-to-date and accurate information about your assets.

Maintenance management