Virtual Fulfilment Optimization with Manhattan Active OMNI

Company Overview:

The company delivers a broad spectrum of technology services to businesses worldwide across various industry verticals, serving business-to-business customers and commercial needs. It helps businesses fully realize the promise of technology — maximizing the value of the technology they make, sell, or use.

Business Challenges:

  • Base MAO application has limitations on order ID sequencing across the child organizations (aka brands) and the parent organization.
  • Managing physical inventory and its associated virtual inventory.
  • Dependency on a single-threaded application to fetch restricted customer access/fraud check causing a pileup of orders on MAO.

Solution Highlights:

ITOrizon is assigned to design and implement Custom Order ID Generation, Virtual Fulfilment Optimization, and rollout restricted customer access across the customer instances.

Sequenced Order ID Generation
  • Each child organization needs to have its Order ID generated using an organization-specific sequence.
  • This leaves them with a scenario where the same Order ID belongs to different orders across child organizations.
  • ITOrizon analyzed the impact of having the same start sequence and the same interval incrementation of Order IDs across multiple child brands. 
  • Our team came up with a solution of generating the sequenced Order ID across various child organizations by creating a custom extension using the ProActive feature.
Linking Virtual Orders to Physical Orders
  • We brainstormed various solutions to link the virtual orders/lines to the physical orders/lines.
  • Our team determined the best approach is to first link the virtual orders/lines with the physical orders/lines and then account for each of the quantities in the virtual orders/lines that need to be updated as and when the order gets fulfilled.
  • We implemented this linkage by introducing extended attributes and ProActive custom configuration that catered to the needs of updating the virtual orders/lines appropriately.
Handling Orders from Restricted Customers
  • There are situations like fraud checks, restricted shipping addresses, etc., where the customer might have been blacklisted from placing or fulfilling orders. 
  • These customers are tagged as a Restricted Party List. Orders placed by these restricted customers need to clear additional screening to mark them as regular customers to perform order orchestration via MAO.

Benefits to the Customer:

  • The client with multiple child organizations/brands spanned across various geos was able to have a standard centralized yet sequenced Order ID generated for each of their child organizations.
  • Made backtracking and updating of the virtual inventory and the orders/lines with virtual inventory immaculate with our innovative custom solution.
  • Reduced time taken for additional screening of the restricted customers almost seamlessly, unlike the legacy systems.
  • Overall improved the customer experience and efficiency in performing the order orchestration with our custom solutions.

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