To keep up with the times, retailers must respond to the ever-changing shopping habits of consumers. Consumers crave the benefits of browsing the internet, purchasing the item, and receiving the item on their doorstep or at the store in a matter of days. In order to visualize the order process in its entirety, retailers need to use an Enterprise Order Management – a.k.a. EOM system.   

With the intention to enhance the business, knowing the backbones of Enterprise Order Management such as Inventory Visibility, Order Orchestration, Intelligent Order Routing, Returns Management, Analytics, and Dynamic Simulations are crucial. 

The most valuable channel is the Buy Online & Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS)  due to its connection with Store Fulfillment. The benefits of this popular option are the numerous savings on shipping costs and returns. Consumers also love this option due to the high rate of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty by some of the top retailers we have worked with. 

A top-of-the line  EOM, once successfully implemented, will allow retailers to reap the benefits and steer their customers’ omni-channel experience in an upward trend.  

Key Achievements

5 Continents

Where we have active customers

500+ customers

To whom our principals have designed SCM solutions for

1500+ Warehouses

Where our architects have implemented a WMS or TMS

30+ Design Leaders

SMEs with 10 to 25 years of global SCM experience from Manhattan Associates, Oracle, High Jump and Ramco

1M+ Pick Locations

Largest Permanent Pick Location Strategy

600K+ Pick Locations

Largest Dynamic Pick Location Strategy

1.2 M+ Sq. Ft.

Largest Warehouse Designed


Peak Day Order Volume


Maximum Unit Sorters designed for a single facility


Top WMS, TMS, OMS and DOM vendors from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant can be designed by our CoEs


Top 50 USA Food and Grocery chains served by our Architects

4.5 Months

Shortest ERP, WMS, and TMS implementation

35 Million USD

Largest SCM Program we have been part of providing more than one fourth of the required SMEs

13 Million+

Maximum SKUs integrated between an MDM and WMS


Top 100 USA Retailers served by our Architects

3 ERPs

Maximum number of ERPs integrated for a single customer


Top 50 USA 3PLs served by our Architects


10B+ dollar global retail, manufacturing, distribution and consulting firms have selected ITOrizon as a preferred IT / SCM consulting partner

4 Months

Shortest WMS implementation in the cloud for a 1M+ Sq. Ft. warehouse

Features and Benefits

  • Buy Anywhere & Deliver Anywhere
  • Interoperability
  • Organization-Wide Inventory Tracking & Visibility
  • Point of Sale System
  • Buy Online Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS)
  • Ship to Store/ Ship from Store 
  • Readily available for commerce
  • Mobile Store Inventory Management
  • Retail RFID

Implementation Competence

  • Real-time inventory visibility across the supply chain network
  • Dynamic order monitoring based on promise dates
  • Optimized sourcing to find the lowest cost to serve
  • Unmatched fulfillment flexibility