Cross-border trade has remarkably progressed over the last few centuries. This, in turn, gave rise to globalization making Global trade management inevitable. At ITOrizon, we thoroughly understand the need of the market and enable companies to tap the golden opportunities triggered by globalization through Oracle global trade management solution. Our distinct global compliance solutions offer our clients the ability to centralize their global trade operations irrespective of their geographical location. Embracing a centralized methodology helps business to have better control, reduced operational cost, enhanced visibility of the end-to-end trade process, alleviates silos, and optimizes information sharing. This highly sophisticated and automated software supports trade data to rule out the existing complications involved in sales order management, procurement, and financial management processes. For all the legal and regulatory corporate trade compliances, it serves as an integrated trade data repository. Our GTM solutions are designed to offer the configurability and scalability to competently respond to the evolving needs of the client across different business models and industries. We have successfully implemented projects using Oracle Global Trade Management, RAMCO, IBM, and more to help us leverage and extend our integrated international trade solutions to our customers throughout the globe.

5 Continents

Where we have Customers

30+ Design Leaders

SMEs with 10 to 25 years of global SCM experience from Manhattan Associates, Oracle, High Jump and Ramco

500+ Customers

Whom our principals have design solutions for

1500+ Warehouses

Where our architects have implemented a WMS or TMS


Country specific pre-configured GTM configurations


Multi-country OTM / GTM Implementations


10B+ dollar global retail, manufacturing, distribution and consulting firms have selected ITOrizon as a preferred IT / SCM consulting partner

  • Optimizing total landed cost
  • Streamlines global trade
  • Reduce order processing delays
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Import management 
  • Export management
  • Import and export trade compliance
  • Restricted Party screening
  • Product Classification
  • Compliance rules
  • Sanctioned Territory screening
  • License management and determination
  • Custom filings
  • Landed cost simulation  
  • Global Trade Intelligence   
  • Duties and Taxes