An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool integrates all the core functionalities of the business conveniently in a single system to facilitate end-to-end processes and uninterrupted flow of information. This not just helps reduce data redundancy and fostering data integrity but also provides a single technology platform for businesses to run their core operations.

A well-designed and well-integrated ERP is the key to complete supply chain visibility and total digital transformation.  ERP helps businesses run efficiently and cost-effectively by streamlining all their fundamental operations and processes like supply chain management, warehouse and fulfillment, order management, transportation management, financial management, revenue management and more. It offers business-critical real-time data visibility and reporting at all levels across the organization. Additionally, with multi-currency, multi-language, and country-specific regulatory compliance capabilities it helps cross-border business trade and operations.

It offers innumerable benefits from optimizing warehousing processes, improves labor efficiency, streamlines order processing, boosts global supply chain capabilities, fosters on-time deliveries, eliminates billing errors, promotes faster decision making and more.

Key Achievements

5 Continents

Where we have active customers


Maximum number of ERPs integrated for a single customer

13 Million+

Maximum SKUs integrated between an MDM and WMS

4.5 Months

Shortest ERP, WMS, and TMS implementation


Top 100 USA Retailers served by our Architects


10B+ dollar global retail, manufacturing, distribution and consulting firms have selected ITOrizon as a preferred IT / SCM consulting partner

Benefits and Features of NetSuite

  • End-to-end visibility of supply chain 
  • Real-time reporting 
  • Optimizes the fulfillment flow 
  • Improves productivity 
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Single platform solution 
  • Ease of implementation 
  • Better agility 
  • Secure and dependable
  • Better decision making
  • Built-in flexibility
  • User-friendly 

Implementation Competence

NetSuite ERP Design and Implementation


  • Omni Channel enablement, Sales Orders Integrations 
  • Available to Promise(ATP), Inventory visibility 
  • Single Source Inventory – across warehouses, and stores 
  • 3PL, Order Sourcing, Order Allocation 
  • Automatic location assignment based on fulfillment strategy
  • Store Inventory fulfillment, Store pickup 
  • Ship to store, Ship from store, Returns and exchanges, Drop shipping
  • Integrate NetSuite ERP modules with Oracle LogFire, OTM, GTM, OMS via OIC Solutions

Microsoft Navision ERP Design & Implementation
  • Manage cash, assets, and banking. 
  • Manage and track your orders, production, inventory, and vendors 
  • Manage customers, contacts, sales opportunities, service contract, service history 
  • Create estimates, track projects, and manage capacity 
  • Forecasting accuracy to boost product availability and minimize inventory costs.
  • Payroll analytics, position forecast, reporting, and benefit updates. 
  • Increase the consistency of your data across your organization and deployments. 
  • Business intelligence and reporting 
  • Multiple currencies and languages feasibility