Retail ERP Transformation and
Warehousing Integration

Retail ERP Transformation


To support the  universal channel business strategy, American luxury department store chain with departments for clothing, footwear, handbags, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics and fragrances, had a strong business need to modernize its ERP platform and consolidate downstream operations for better inventory visibility.

Application in Scope:

  • Manhattan WMi
  • Integration of WM with Oracle Retail Management System

Solution Design:

  • Segment inventory logically as Full-Price and Off-Price
  • PO publish to Suppliers, Carriers, Consolidators, WM Application
  • Inventory updates in RMS based on receipts/shipping from DC/FC, Stores.
  • Customers returns – Payment and Inventory reconciliation based on product conditions
  • Enabled back-order fulfillment based on PO’s In-Transit and Inventory locked at DC/FC
  • Segment inventory for same SKU for Full-Price and Off-Price purchase and fulfillment
  • Consolidate supplier returns from all stores to single DC and ship returns to suppliers
  • Enabled Photo, Copy of product based on first receipt of Item in FC/DC
  • Price management based on inventory aging at Stores
  • Automatic reclassification of inventory from full-price to off-price
Retail ERP Transformation

Customer Outcome

  • 100% Inventory accuracy between WMS and ERP without any downtime
  • Resolved supply chain disruptions due to delayed inventory visibility
  • A low maintenance integration framework

Why ITOrizon

The capability and vast experience in designing full spectrum of supply chain solutions and implementing the design using several of the best of breed products – Oracle, Manhattan, and HighJump. This rich expertise along with the experience in integrating disparate enterprise systems was brought to deliver an integrated and effective supply chain network consolidation for the client’s retail operations.

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