Streamlining WMS Solutions

Streamlining WMS Solutions

Scope of work

Customer was battling with obsolete warehouse system and deficient operations practices that ultimately costed labor frustations and application maintenance cost. Customer engaged ITOrizon as their Supply Chain System Integrator with a mission to assess the warehouse operations, streamline the warehouse solution to meet their dynamic business needs. Above all, their goal was to divert their inhouse IT team towards operational innovation.  

Systems in scope:

  1. Warehouse Management Open System (WMOS)  
  2. Oracle/SQL 
  3. SSRS/MS SQL Report Builder 
  4. Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI) 
  5. Labor Managent (LM) 
  6. Data Visualization & Data Analysis  
  7. Warehouse Design & Build Expertise 
  8. Material Handling Equipment Configuration/Design (WCS, Pyramid, Mantissa) 
  9. Carrier Management ( Shipexec, Purolator, Agile, DHL) 
  10. SOAP UI, TCP Tool, Postman 

ITOrizon Approach:

ITOrizon team took ownership of the day-to-day warehouse operations and concluded the audit process. As a result of the audit, key problem areas within the applications and floor level operations were identified and prioritized as phases for higher business impact.  

ITOrizon team deployed multi-layered solution for immediate application stability and operation improvements.  ITOrizon addressed issues around  

  1. Problem Order: Order Header Status not in sync with Order line status hence order wont process causing shipping delays. 
  2. Undo wave: Process of undo an order on Unit Sorter wave resulted in undo’ing the entire wave causing delays in order processing.  
  3. Peak support: Redefining SOPs, Creating System Health reports and Operation reports to aid Ops team for an eventless peak 
  4. POD order cancelation: Better handling of POD Order processing flow 

Multiple risk free solutions were deployed to stabilize the system. Established playbook for adhoc issues and automated issues resolutions for recurring issues to free up resources to focus on root cause analysis. ITOrizon team automated below scenarios  

  1. 9 Digit Tote nbr: Automated the manual process of correcting the invalid/incorrect iLPN/Tote numbers 
  2. ASN error:Automatically correct the known errors on ASN and making it ready to receive 
  3. Shipconfirm: Automating the otherwise manual process of creating a DB CR, getting approval to update the data and hence reducing operational time to process the order. 

ITOrizon onsite presence aided warehouse team to adapt to the revised Standard Operating Procedures(SOP). 

Warehouse operational efficiany, workforce utilization and peak season performance were the next area of focus. Along with making changes to the SOPs, ITOrizon designed, developed and deployed custom solutions in-order to achieve the overall DC’s performance expectation.  

Handful of initiatives around  

  1. Serpentine Pick-path creation 
  2. Multi Batch Pick – CAIFC 
  3. Lean time replenishment 
  4. Location frequency report – Heat maps 
  5. POD reports gave quicker return of investment of our services cost.   


Business and IT works in harmony, warehouse is being operated at its max capacity. The custom solution and SOP changes suggested by ITOrizon resulted in significant savings for the warehouse. Customer team is now focusing on new DC implementations and WMS upgrades while ITOrizon is assisting DCs on day-to-day operations.

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