Enhancing Efficiency and Predictability with Dock Door Re-Configurations


In the ever-evolving landscape of logistics and supply chain management, operational efficiency is paramount. The deployment of dock door configurations across multiple consolidation locations was not just a task; it was a strategic move towards improved efficiency and predictability in client operations.

Problem Statement

  • The current Outbound Consolidation solution did not provide a predictable door assignment sequence for routes. 
  • The current process caused inefficiencies as there was a rush to bring in the right trailers to the correct doors just-in-time. This also caused last-minute movement of cross-dock inventory to the correct doors. All these additional activities contributed to delayed departure of shipments  
  • DCs could not meet the KPIs  

Proposed Solution

To address this problem, a change was introduced that allowed the waving team to manually assign Outbound Dock Doors to routes. This new approach enabled the system to direct all Outbound (OB) pallets for a shipment to the assigned door in a predictable and optimized manner. The change involved setting up of Outbound Dock Doors, Consolidation Locations, and Consolidation Strategy configurations.  Additionally, a key process change of manually assign dock doors to routes before waving was also introduced. This solution ensured that all Outbound Pallets of a route were directed to the consolidation location associated to the outbound dock door predictably.

In addition, Tasks assignment was further optimized to present users with tasks in an optimized sequence to fine tune the process. The entire solution was implemented using the Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System (MAWM). 

Business Value

The introduction of the manual dock door assignment brought several positive changes to the operation, leading to notable improvements in key performance indicators (KPIs): 

  • Dock Door Cycle Time: The time from “Door Assigned Time” to “Door Release Time” decreased from approximately 8 hours and 57 minutes to 8 hours and 11 minutes. This improvement reflects a significant reduction in the time it takes for shipments to leave the facility. 
  • Elimination of Dummy Routes: Before the implementation of the Manual Dock Door Initiative, an average of 68.57 dummy routes had to be created to accommodate fall-off pallets. Since the deployment of the new solution, the need for dummy routes has been entirely eliminated, streamlining the process. 
  • Task Assignment Sequence: Task assignment sequence contributed a major change in operations, reducing dock door cycle time.
  • Operational Improvements: Additional factors, such as user training and increased supervision, have played a significant role in improving the KPIs mentioned. These enhancements have collectively contributed to the efficiency of the operation. 
  • User Empowerment: Perhaps the most significant benefit of this change is that users now have complete control over which dock door each route is assigned to. This newfound control allows for pre-planning of cross-dock inventory movements, trailer movements in the yard, preparation of accurate load diagrams, and accommodation of physical constraints, such as trailer length. The predictability and control over dock door assignments have not only boosted user confidence but have also enhanced the overall user experience. 


  • The successful implementation of manual dock door assignment significantly improved efficiency. 
  • Enhanced control, predictability, and user experience were achieved. 
  • Highlight that the business saw a positive trend in targeted KPIs post-implementation. 

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