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Track, provision, and monitor extensions across your network simply and easily. 

Customers transitioning from On-Prem vendors or On-Prem Manhattan WMS such as WMi, WMOS, and WM Scale to Manhattan WM Active often question the feasibility of enhancements in the cloud. Manhattan resolves this by empowering your in-house team with the ProActive platform.

  • Enhance Base Features: Modify features based on events, user actions, and entity values. 
  • Extend Integrations: Adapt and extend integrations on-demand. 
  • Customize User Interface: Personalize the UI, including RF interfaces, without extensive coding. 

Secrets for Fast-Tracking a MA Active Implementation

Engage Configuration Specialists with Active WM Proficiency

Employ Leads with Active
Integration Nuances

Leverage a 3rd Party for
Customer-Centric Enhancements

Innovate with Confidence

While ProActive is included with your Manhattan Active license, utilizing it effectively requires little training and product knowledge. ITOrizon assisted leading brands to utilize Manhattan ProActive to create custom solutions. Our experts can guide you in identifying valuable and feasible customization scopes while avoiding risky or unworthy items. Trust ITOrizon to help you innovate and enhance your Manhattan Active solutions seamlessly

ITOrizon Manhattan ProActive Services

Personalize Your Solutions with Manhattan ProActive

With Manhattan ProActive, ITOrizon modifies and personalizes the features of Manhattan Active solutions to meet customer-centric business needs. Whether extending databases or reconfiguring user interfaces, Manhattan ProActive offers the tools to help you achieve your goals. 

Built-In UI Designer: Use the built-in UI extensibility designer to extend the usability and look & feel of the interface without writing code. 

Low Code Application Platform (LCAP): Configure, call, or extend any feature or function with ease using LCAP.

Extensive API Access: Gain access to thousands of API endpoints and extension points to leverage every capability.

Comprehensive Toolkit: Utilize a visual and declarative toolkit to quickly create and manage your extensions.

Monitor Extensions: Manage and track extension performance with visual reporting tools and dashboards, providing a comprehensive overview of your extensions.

Manage and Migrate: Seamlessly manage extension lifecycles and migrate them across different environments. Monitor deployment status and performance, ensuring efficient and effective implementation.

Customers often struggle with Manhattan Active enhancements due to time, resource constraints, and Manhattan ProActive knowledge. Fast-tracking implementations with a substantial Active skill set across the board and offloading customizations to a 3rd party play a critical role.

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“Expand your Supply Chain Ecosystem with Manhattan ProActive”

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