Revolutionizing Transportation Operations with OTM for a Leading Global Food and Agribusiness Company

Olam Agri Case study

About the Customer

In the dynamic realm of global food and agribusiness, our distinguished client, Olam Agri commands a pivotal presence. Operating across a sprawling landscape of 60 countries, their extensive reach encompasses over 20,900 customers worldwide. With a vertically integrated value chain spanning farming, origination, processing, and distribution, this company has firmly positioned itself as a premier supplier of indispensable commodities. Their product spectrum, spanning cocoa beans and derivatives, coffee, cotton, and rice, reflects their profound influence in the industry. Within the intricate domain of cotton, Olam Agri takes on the dual role of supplying refined cotton products to domestic mills within the USA while simultaneously exporting their cotton offerings to diverse corners of the globe.

Problem Statement

Navigating the labyrinthine intricacies of global supply chains presented our client with formidable challenges in orchestrating both ocean and domestic transportation operations harmoniously.  

The complex task of coordinating shipments across diverse geographical locations, complying with varying regulatory frameworks, and deftly managing an expansive product portfolio cast an onerous burden on their supply chain.  

In this backdrop, the imperative became evident: optimize transportation processes to not only cut costs but also amplify visibility and elevate the overall caliber of customer satisfaction.

Challenges and Resolution

ITOrizon’s intervention during this critical juncture was indispensable, guided by a holistic approach to the challenges at hand: 

Expertise in Supply Chain Dynamics: Armed with an intricate understanding of the multifaceted dynamics within supply chains. ITOrizon intervened to craft a pragmatic transportation solution that aligns more closely with the Olam’s business reality and better accommodates their transportation operations. The inclusion of exception flows, alerts, and user training further enhanced overall confidence. 

Swift Issue Management: The hallmark of ITOrizon’s intervention lay in its ability to swiftly identify and resolve bottlenecks during implementation. This ensured that the project maintained its steady forward momentum. Within just a month of receiving the handover from the Business team, ITOrizon successfully launched an operational OLAM Domestic Business Live system, effectively managing 100% of domestic transportation through OTM. 

Value Amplification: Beyond a conventional implementation approach, ITOrizon’s participation was characterized by an effort to imbue additional layers of value into the Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) solution, rendering it a more potent tool for optimization.  In addition to the standard OTM solution, ITOrizon incorporated extensive input from various stakeholders including OTM end users, logistics planners, and service providers. This customization was meticulously designed to optimize system performance. Notably, a significant improvement was achieved in terms of shipment visibility for each logistics planner. The enhanced OTM now consolidates information such as planned shipments, booking status, amendment requests, and updates from ocean liners onto a single screen. Furthermore, the time required for planning an order has been dramatically reduced from over 20-30 minutes to just 5-8 minutes following the re-implementation of OTM applications. 


Solution and Remarkable Achievements

Streamlined Domestic Transportation: Embarking on the journey of enabling the client’s domestic transportation operations, ITOrizon’s seasoned experts diligently navigated initial planning challenges. Their hands-on guidance proved instrumental in driving efficiency enhancements.

Elevating the Export Process: ITOrizon undertook the mantle of crafting meticulously designed workflows. This strategic shift resulted in heightened efficacy and streamlined processes.

Transformative Booking and Planning: The robust Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) application orchestrated a staggering volume of over 30+ bookings, effectively shepherding 330 containers on their journeys. This achievement undeniably translated into a marked enhancement in planning efficiency.

Expedited Logistics Planning: By harnessing the capabilities of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), the time invested by the logistics team in the sophisticated process of planning witnessed a remarkable reduction – a shift from 30-40 minutes to an impressive 5-10 minutes.


This success story serves as a testament to ITOrizon’s unparalleled competence in engineering transportation solutions that cater to the complexities of convoluted global supply chains. Notably, it underscores the groundbreaking achievement of being among the pioneers in launching Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) tailored for ocean transportation. Firmly committed to Olam Agri‘s success, ITOrizon stands resolute in refining and stabilizing the solution, equipping the client’s logistics team to tackle future challenges, including the impending peak cotton sales period in October. As this narrative attests, through its expertise and unyielding commitment, ITOrizon emerges as an indomitable force driving transformative change within the transportation landscape. 

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