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ITOrizon: Your Supply Chain Guide for the Digital Business Journey

With the world at the fingertips and around-the-clock shopping access, consumer expectations have shifted drastically. Evidently, for retailers, this has led to a dire need to find newer ways to procure and ship products and gratify an ever-increasing consumer-dominant business world. Owing to this trend, many retail incumbents believe that the supply chain network of the future is going to traverse from its traditional, linear flow of goods approach from the factory to the distribution center and then to store—to a more complex network of interconnected facilities.

However, this is a reality that cannot be achieved with the legacy warehouse management systems (WMS) that exist in the marketplace today. Indeed, technologies such as automation and cloud computing are contributing their fair share to modernize and digitalize WMS’s functionalities, but even then, businesses are struggling to leverage the cutting-edge technologies and generate maximum ROI. The last couple of decades enlightened businesses to the necessity for a “single source of trust” system, and businesses strive hard to achieve that. Similarly, today’s business landscape demands a “single supply chain guide” who can absorb and analyze the strengths and shortcomings of a business’ upstream and downstream processes to steer their IT initiatives through a 5-10 year supply chain journey.

This is where Georgia-based ITOrizon exhibits its potency through and through. ITOrizon helps businesses navigate the complex world of the bi-modal supply chain, IT, and digital business to help retailers make effective decisions with speed and confidence. “Our end-to-end services extend beyond implementing and integrating WMS across the supply chain ecosystem and support the incorporation of all material-handling equipment (MHE), WCS, IoT, and robotics,” says Srinivas Sistla, the practice director of omnichannel and bi-modal supply chain at ITOrizon.

The company’s portfolio includes services for vendor selection alongside designing, implementing, and executing a new-age WMS solution in a client’s business and IT journey. Apart from these services, the company also offers automation solutions, including the deployment of autonomous mobile robots to enhance warehouse management mechanisms and optimize stockroom operations. With these services, ITOrizon ensures that its clients can boost their warehouse performance to the optimum level. This end-to-end approach to warehouse management adopted by ITOrizon gives the company a competitive edge over its contemporaries that only have a limited idea of tailored WMSs.

Considering such an illustrious service portfolio, Gartner has also recognized ITOrizon as a specialty consulting firm for its success in the supply chain and system integration realm.

With the help of this recognition and competency, ITOrizon has ignited several customer success stories across the retail and e-commerce space. To elaborate, Sistla mentions one of his company’s ongoing projects with an e-commerce-based retail company that is among the top 25 firms in the U.S. Initially, owing to the massive size of their operations, the client was planning to modernize their five primary warehouses with the deployment of modern WMS solutions. To this end, ITOrizon guided the client in designing the solution during the implementation phase. Once the new WMS solution was deployed, the client witnessed a 30 percent improvement in the speed and efficiency of their operations. Further, ITOrizon extended its support to the client even in the post implementation phases. As the client experiences peak sales in the last two months of every year, ITOrizon offers top-notch 24/7 support to ensure zero downtime during times of high market demand. “In this project, we not only delivered on our initial promises but also showcased our prowess in supporting warehouses through situational needs of peak seasons, and implemented improvements across their supply chain execution systems (OMS, TMS, Integration layers, retail sites) based on peak season support findings” states Sistla.

Looking ahead, Sistla predicts that the future of supply chain and warehouse management will showcase a hybrid IT environment of on-premises and cloud solutions. He also talks about how on-premises and cloud-based WMSs are moving toward software-defined automation to minimize the manual execution of cumbersome and repetitive tasks. Ready to take on these growing market trends, ITOrizon has already developed an automation testing software suite to test and enhance cloud-based automation in client warehouses. Currently, ITOrizon is working with two billion-dollar companies, “wherein we are helping the firms establish end-to-end cloud automation for its WMS and ERP,” asserts Sistla.

In the coming months, ITOrizon plans to extend its global footprint in the Middle East. Besides, the company aims to develop more sophisticated implementation and integration services geared toward the omnichannel e-commerce space. “We are also looking to create additional services that are capable of effectively integrating the cloud with a client’s existing legacy systems to deliver enhanced efficiencies, customizability, and speed,” concludes Sistla.