Standardizing Warehouse Operations with Oracle Cloud for a Leading Office Furniture Manufacturer

Oracle Cloud for a Leading Office Furniture Manufacturer


  • Office Furniture Manufacturing and Distribution


  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Global

Applications in Scope:

  • Oracle Warehouse Management System Implementation 
  • Order Transportation Management 
  • Furniture Manufacturing 
  • Oracle Integrations Cloud – Custom Integrations Development

ERP System:

  • Oracle Fusion


  • Holland, Michigan, US

About the Customer

Fellowes Brands, a premium office furniture manufacturer specializing in innovative office solutions, is headquartered in Itasca, Indiana. With a rich history as a long-time Oracle user (EBS), the company undertook the implementation of Oracle Fusion (ERP) and Warehouse Management Cloud at their manufacturing site in Holland, known as “Trendway.” As a global manufacturer and marketer of business machines, records storage, and office accessories, Fellowes is committed to designing and developing products that enhance workplace quality, efficiency, and productivity. Their diverse product portfolio includes office tables, shredders, chairs, and doors, all reflecting their unwavering dedication to on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Problem Statement

As supply chain management complexities grew and the client’s business systems became outdated, Fellowes Brands encountered challenges in utilizing their existing systems for effective inventory and order management. Operating on a global scale, they needed a modern solution to meet their diverse customer base’s unique bill of material structures. 

The client sought visibility into inventory write-off costs, comprehensive insights into manufacturing and inventory planning, and efficient order fulfillment solutions to enhance the customer experience. Despite prior attempts to upgrade their existing system to align with evolving manufacturing and supply chain needs, these efforts proved futile. Consequently, ITOrizon was entrusted with integrating manufacturing into WMS Cloud and transitioning the packaging of furniture hardware packs from a distribution order to a work order. We seamlessly integrated both ERP and WMS with Oracle’s implementation capabilities, aligning system functionality with precise business requirements. 

Challenges and Resolution

ITOrizon’s intervention during the Oracle implementation yielded successful outcomes for the client, thanks to team members who approached problems and solutions holistically:

  • Tailored Integration Solutions: Renowned for their technical acumen, ITOrizon’s technical team meticulously grasped the technical prerequisites for a successful implementation and identified areas for improved solutions. We customized integrations, building them from the ground up to align with the business’s expectations for executing manufacturing operations within the warehouse system while optimizing processes for order fulfillment.
  • Rapid Issue Resolution: A group of techno-functional experts seamlessly managed the system implementation, swiftly identifying bottlenecks and providing solutions that bolstered the client’s confidence in the product. Notably, when the business requested a complete integration change post go-live, the entire design, development, testing, user sign-off, and migration lifecycle was completed within a mere two weeks, demonstrating ITOrizon’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction while comprehensively addressing all system functions.
  • Streamlined Order Transportation Management: The client faced a complex shipping process involving less-than-truckload shipments and their own fleet for fulfilling customer order requests. Leveraging ITOrizon’s expertise in distribution and warehouse operations, we provided effective business solutions that maximized the utilization of system functionalities and streamlined the entire process.

Solutions and Outstanding Achievements

  • Integration of the Manufacturing Module into Warehouse Management Cloud: ITOrizon’s extensive proficiency in warehouse management and integration cloud technology achieved what was once deemed “impossible.” Meeting business requirements, we successfully executed work orders and master packing within the manufacturing module through fully customized integrations, ensuring real-time inventory synchronization between two entirely independent systems.
  • Standardized Hardware Packing Process for Furniture Items: ITOrizon’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations and delivering high-impact solutions is exemplified by the transformation of hardware pack processing at Fellowes. The transition from a standard shipment request to a manufacturing work order has yielded complete visibility into real-time inventory and facilitated efficient supply/demand planning.
  • Customized Reporting Solutions from WMS Cloud: Recognizing the client’s need for access to performance data in terms of shipping and manufacturing, ITOrizon provided daily reporting with user-friendly accessibility. This ensured that the client remained well-informed about warehouse and manufacturing performance. Through effective reporting and process documentation, the client achieved record-breaking figures, including 100 orders and $600,000 in order value shipped in a single day.


This success story serves as a compelling testament to ITOrizon’s unwavering commitment to providing high-impact solutions that address the growing complexities of supply chain management. Notably, the groundbreaking achievement of seamlessly integrating the manufacturing module into Warehouse Management Cloud underscores ITOrizon’s exceptional software solutions. With a steadfast dedication to Fellowes Brands’ success, ITOrizon continues to refine and stabilize the solution, empowering the client’s logistics team to confront future challenges. This commitment has resulted in record-breaking achievements in terms of customer fulfillment, further solidifying ITOrizon’s position as a trusted partner in driving operational excellence.

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