Small doesn’t always mean small

The software industry is still complex to navigate. In most of the cases, while selecting a software service provider we have plenty to choose from, from larger firms to smaller yet service-focused companies. In a world where bigger is typically considered better, several key factors tend to get lost when it comes to service providers size. We think that the size & portfolio of the software service providers are an important factor to consider when you’re narrowing down the search. Having a small team allows for specific skill sets to be shared and utilized eliminating informational silos. The belief that two brains are better than one, especially when the right-hand knows what the left is doing and both are held accountable.

Whether your company is small, medium, large, or extra-large, there are many advantages of working with a small to medium-sized software service provider. While deciding your technology partner, it is important to understand the various trade-offs between a large firm and a relatively smaller vendor. Let’s discuss about the brighter sides of partnering with a small IT vendor.

What are their advantages? How are they different from their larger competitors?

  • You are not a number, you are the key to both your growth and ours, and the entrepreneurial spirit can be a great asset. Small companies take care of their clients even more than their bigger competitors. Small ones are built on robust passion & higher responsibilities.
  • This means that you will get more, attention, more personalized service, more support, more minds working towards a single goal, creating a higher I.Q. as a whole. Small companies are built by high-quality specialists.

Smaller providers are known to be more effective in their addressable marketplace. They are more agile and have the ability to shift rapidly if there is such a need. Below are key benefits of hiring smaller providers:

  • The most important Benefit of working with a smaller provider is the benefit of having the attention of the Founder, President or CEO on typically every project to ensure that is held to the highest standard.
  • By only doing what you do, you ensure that it has your full attention, enthusiasm, and energy. You will typically find that smaller companies are more project focused, meaning, that being focused on one particular issue or solution can be a significant differentiator against generalist providers or solution sets that have expanded their scope significantly over time.
  • When working with a smaller player you will typically receive faster responses on issues since it will be one team who develops and supports projects. This means that supporting the solution means the development team is forced to take ownership of their actions or omissions, and more importantly to resolve the issue at a more rapid pace.
  • Lower overhead means Small providers will be able to provide different pricing models as they have the flexibility to have lesser margin. Better and more specific pricing, in turn, allows for a faster ROI and additional remaining funds put aside in IT Budgets can be re-allocated towards growth opportunities like R&D, marketing, training, etc.
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