Deploy Versionless Manhattan Active Releases with Confidence through Regression Automation

Discover how ITOrizon QA Automation can empower your organization to keep up with Manhattan Active releases while ensuring seamless production performance.

ITOrizon for Manhattan Active Test Automation

Manhattan offers continuous release plan to extend additional features and product gaps.  Release approval falls into customer ownership and testing Manhattan Active needs a good understanding of the product, business flows, and testing approach. Performing Manhattan Active testing without expert support may lead to challenges like regression breaks, production instability, interrupted integration flows, and performance issues. 

QA Automation strategy does solve this challenge and allow businesses to function without interruptions.  At the same time, enterprises must be watchful about the automation frameworks, test infrastructure and data management, test coverage for base and customization flows, automated end to end supply chain test suites, and more. 

At ITOrizon, our QA and Test Automation experts possess extensive experience in conducting end-to-end testing for Manhattan Active Omni, Warehouse Management, Transportation Management System and more. We offer specialized test automation for critical business processes to ensure undisrupted operations during Manhattan or third-party patch releases. Our comprehensive testing approach encompasses process optimization, scalability assessment, and seamless integration testing with other platforms to guarantee the flawless performance of your applications. 

Our Test Automation Service Features

Automate your Warehouse Standard Operating Process

At ITOrizon, Regression automation tools covers both Manhattan base flows and customized flows that varies for every warehouse operation.

Our Test Automation Service Process

Our Manhattan Active Testing Expertise

  • Rigorous testing to identify vulnerabilities. 
  • Data protection and defense fortification. 
  • Safeguarding against potential threats and breaches. 
  • Sales & Operations Planning.
  • System responsiveness analysis and optimization. 
  • Scalability and reliability assessment. 
  • Ensuring smooth performance under changing demands. 
  • Detecting unintended side effects of code modifications. 
  • Validation of new features without disrupting existing functionality. 
  • Embrace updates and enhancements with confidence.
  • Thorough examination of application interfaces
  • Seamless and reliable communication validation. 
  • Ensuring data accuracy, compatibility, and performance.
  • Simulation of heavy workloads and adverse conditions. 
  • Assessment of application resilience. 
  • Identification and optimization of performance bottlenecks. 
  • Verification of seamless component and module interaction. 
  • Correct data flow and integration validation. 
  • Ensuring a fully integrated Manhattan Active environment. 
  • Warehouse Management.
  • Specialized testing for accurate data transfer. 
  • Validation of data integrity, mapping, and transformation. 
  • Minimizing disruptions during data migration.
  • Collaboration with users to define test scenarios. 
  • Alignment of application with user expectations. 
  • Guaranteeing the desired functionality. 
  • Development of tailored test scripts and frameworks. 
  • Alignment with specific business processes and goals. 
  • Enhanced test repeatability and efficiency. 
  • Quick identification and resolution of critical issues. 
  • Focus on high-priority areas. 
  • Expedited testing without compromising quality. 
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Our Manhattan Active Testing Expertise

Expedite the investment of your Manhattan supply chain solutions with tailored customizations aligned to your specific business processes. At ITOrizon, we excel at elevating the user experience by crafting a personalized testing strategy, drawing upon the expertise of our validation, business process, and software testing specialists. 

Ensure seamless synchronization of your Manhattan configuration across multiple silos, platforms, networks, locations, and APIs with our specialized cloud testing solutions. 

Enhance operational efficiency by integrating Manhattan with your legacy, third-party, and diverse systems without a hitch. Our smart testing approach incorporates cutting-edge tools and methodologies, ensuring both affordability and top-tier quality without compromising on speed. Our team of engineers specializes in crafting and managing test environments, leveraging adaptive testing frameworks to simplify the implementation of automated test cases, all while significantly reducing your overall costs. 

Our Clientele

Supply Chain Transformation Projects​

Take advantage of ITOrizon’s test automation solution today and experience smoother deployments, enhanced efficiency, and exceptional software quality.