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Customer is a major grocery retailer in the North-East & Mid-Atlantic US & Europe operating under different retail brands such as  Good Lio, PeaPod, Hannford, Stop & Shop, Giant, FreshDirect, Albert Heijn, ENA Food, Etos etc. To support the  universal channel business strategy, Customer had a strong business need to enhance the logistics and warehousing capabilities of its fulfillment centers.

Customer Outcome

  • Achieved on-time go live of transportation solution with no major production issues
  • Multiple Phased go live strategy of different facilities and product classes
  • Completely integrated solution for WMS & Transportation

Enabled by:

  • Manhattan TLM (SaaS), Manhattan Active WMS, Infor WMS, NCR YMS, CAMS Prospero Dispatch, Samsara Trailer tracking, VoCollect Voice , Infor EAM, Fuel Master & Fuel Quest.

Key Design/ Implementation Solutions and Value Addition:

  • Designed interoperability of multiples transportation and WMS solutions
  • Integration with 3PL warehouse operators
  • Integration with OBCs of private fleet as well as common carriers
  • Complete test case creation and execution monitoring of both transportation and WMS solutions
  • Configuration guidance for Manhattan active WMS solutions

Business Scope

  • Multi-Business division engagement
  • Transportation covering 10  facilities
  • Centralized WMS for multiple facilities

Why ITOrizon

The capability and vast experience in designing full spectrum of supply chain solutions and implementing the design using several of the best of breed products – Manhattan and Infor. This rich expertise along with the experience in integrating disparate enterprise systems was brought to deliver a successful and effective warehousing digital transformation for the customer.

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