Overcoming Market Unpredictability Through Effective IT Integration

Shan Muthuvelu from ITOrizon explains the complexity and challenges of IT Integrations.

Why are technology implementation, upgrades, and replacements becoming more complicated?

A: Different Systems have different directions and applications. purposes. We have Clients Who are using 200 different Systems and working With 40 different software vendors to try to keep up With the ever-changing needs of this global. Omni-channel business world Plus, What you’re using as your now integration architecture Will be out of date in a year, which means you’re not working on the same 5-year technology timelines that you once did.

How does the increasingly global business climate impact this?

Companies are working With an increasingly global base Of business partners that needs to get up, running, and enabled quickly. Every second count during this process and every few months companies are merging with new businesses, adding new business and supply chain partners to their lineups. The problem is that each of those merging companies and partners brings its own enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), and master data management (MDM) platform to the table

What can companies do to overcome these challenges?

Work with a Single integration partner Who can effectively manage multiple software platforms. Last year, for example, a top luxury retailer we worked With had a complex Strategic Systems integration program With four versions of Manhattan Associates’ warehouse management System(WMS) running across multiple facilities in the U.S. and Canada. On top Of that, it also had various completely distinct operating flows Within each version Of the WMS we designed and developed solutions, integrating all facilities to reduce redundant work across facilities. and also keep the flexibility to let processes happen at any facility. We helped the retailer roll out new business integrations with zero or minimal Changes to its WMS or other package solutions like Retail Merchandising System (RMS), Order Management System (OMS), and MDM.

Is there more IT/integration complexity in the future?

Over the few years, we’re going to see more companies leveraging IT as a competitive advantage The obstacles to achieving this Goal are threefold: Package applications tend to work in Silos, technology changes every Six months, there’s an ongoing need for security and scalability. Everyone’s dream is to come up with one solution, one platform. and or one piece of technology that will do everything for the company. But that’s not going to happen and if you try to do it yourself it will take 20 years. For answers, companies are increasingly turning to best-of-breed software packages that can work on a modular level and be integrated in-house Without requiring too much time or cost of ownership. But even leading companies are struggling to this goal, based on the unpredictability of the market. This, in turn. creates more complexities and challenges.

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