On-Prem to Google Cloud - MA WMS Active Platform Journey

on-prem to google cloud

Scope of work

The retail customer is in need of setting up Manhattan’s WMS replicated database instance in Google Cloud Platform for their ETL, and BI needs.

Business Problem:

One of the biggest challenge in SaaS model is that customers cannot access their production data. It is accesible only through limited reports. 

One of our customer is using the Cloud WMS and they don’t have access to their SaaS database. This is a huge miss from OnPrem WMS models as they tend to build their business intelligence inhouse.

Instead, Cloud WMS vendor offers a replicated database on their preferred cloud provider for additional license. 

There are couple of issues with that..

  1. Customer IT team is not familiar with cloud provider or cloud MySQL database concepts or cloud based ETL or cloud security
  2. Data is useless unless you build business contexts out of that data.

ITOrizon Solution:

ITOrizon designed, developed, and developed a Servlet Spring Boot REST Application deployed to the Google App Engine with multiple contexts to support read requests.  ITOrizon handled DevOps activities, including setting up security checkpoints, enabling database logs, and monitor and manage environmental health by Technologies such as

  • Manhattan WMS Active
  • MySQL
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Compute Engine
  • Google Scheduler
  • Google App Engine
  • Google VPC
  • Spring Framework
  • Google Ops Agent
  • Google Monitoring Agent
  • Prometheus
  • Google Secret Manager


Business team can access their Cloud WMS data seamlessly and build business critical reports on the replicated copy

IT developed run books and build standard operating procedures out of the cloud instance

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