Over the years ITOrizon has developed expertise in key technologies and processes. This gives our clients the confidence that we deliver the best-in-class product and service. Our Supply Chain and ERP solutions are delivered by teams with expertise in these areas. Each member is well-versed with the industry needs and the possible solutions to help organizations.

We have great experience in Inventory Segmentation Design, End-to-End Analysis across systems, processes and people, Warehouse Automation, 3PL / 4PL – WMS / OTM / Hub / Billing and ERP, EOM, MDM/PIM & SCM Integration. Our team also has extensive knowledge of Labor-Management Solutions such as Manhattan & Oracle, Drones, Robotics and IoT Solutions. ITOrizon professionals work with the clients to ensure delivery of robust systems and maximum satisfaction.

  • We offer Business Experience – Application Intricacies – Technology know-how under one roof.
  • We have an exceptional understanding of both supply chain and technology challenges, and we carry great pride in resolving those problems in the right place with the right tools.
  • We believe in continuous optimization techniques in every phase of the project and apply that as part of our project life cycle methodologies. Infrastructure Automation and QA Automation are our specialty services.

Our specialization includes

Warehouse Automation Design – Level 1 to Level 5 warehouses

We have the experience in designing the most complicated and fully automated warehouses in various on-premise and cloud “warehouse management, warehouse control, warehouse execution, material flow and conveyor” systems. We thoroughly understand all the applications and hence can design the right level of touch points, decision matrix, data flow and formats, message protocols, inventory ownership, order/carton ownership, and the exception handling. We have saved millions of dollars for our customers in providing the necessary input in the procurement process to get the right modules, capacity, and features for today and tomorrow.

  • ASRS, A-Frames, Mini Loaders, Goods to Person
  • High-bay Shelving, Stacker Cranes, Unit Sorters (Cross Belt, Tilt-tray, Bomb-bay, Split-tray, Push-tray, etc.)
  • Voice, Pick to Light Systems, Put to Light Systems
  • Cubiscans, Print & Apply Machines, Weighing Scales
  • Auto-Boxers, Auto-Baggers, Palletizers, Shipping Sorters
  • RFIDs, AGVs, and Drones
  • Vendors: SSI Schaefer, Dematic, Beumer, Intelligrated, Eurosort, Ivanti, Vo-collect, Voxware, Lightning Pick, and Knapp
  • Shipping Software Vendors: Connectship, Proship, UPS, FedEx, and PaceJet
  • Vendors: SSI Schaefer, Dematic, Beumer, Intelligrated, Eurosort, Ivanti, Vo-collect, Voxware, Lightning Pick, and Knapp
  • MDMs / PIMs: Stibo, Riversand, Oracle Product Hub

Supply Chain Digital Transformation and Rapid Roll-out Strategies

We specialize in designing the orchestration of shipments and orders from manufacturers/vendors to ports to DCs to Hubs to Stores and customers. We have the experience in system integrating the trading partner systems, planning systems, warehouse management systems, transportation systems and order management systems of various Gartner recognized software leaders. We analyze, propose and implement rollout strategies for tier 1 distribution, retail, 3PL, 4PL, food, groceries, pharma, electronics, consumer goods, furniture and semiconductor customers in transforming their ecosystem from on-premise to cloud adapting to new cloud SCM systems slowly replacing their legacy WMS, TMS, OMS, Inventory and MDM systems. We have also mastered the rapid roll-out and regression automation strategies for Manhattan Associates and Oracle.

We have experience in infrastructure automation. We aid clients in automating order to cash touch point irrespective of disparate vendor solutions barriers. We have successfully automated the workflows starting from bridging customer orders from the website, allocating units for orders, routing orders to respective FCs/DCs/Stores, (OMS), waving, picking, packing, rating, shipping (WMS), inventory adjustments, invoicing, Total Cost to Serve, P&L (ERP)

Vendor: Manhattan Associates, IBM Sterling, Mule Soft, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SFTP, RabbitMQ, Splunk, Kafka, SQL server

Testing Frameworks: Cucumber, Karate, Postman, Selenium, JMeter, CloudTest, Locust T

We have successfully automated customer workflows (browser-based apps) through standard selenium options and ITOrizon proprietary platform TUNA. QA Automation projects simplified the regression testing time and improved the build quality over time.

We have also assisted customers to deploy continuous integration & automation strategy in a high availability environment. Over time, it reduced build management time and manual testing time to 80%.

Infrastructure Automation (DevOps Tools): Docker, Chef, Splunk, NewRelic, Graylog, DataDog, Jenkins, CircleCI, Gitlab, Chef, Ansible

Bespoke product design and development

We have assisted start-ups and niche customers who are looking to develop their own product in the latest technologies packaging the best features of customer experience, order management, logistics planning, API integration, and mobile capabilities.

ITOrizon is a single trusted partner for all walks of the customer who seek help from conceptualization through go-live till support.

Technology Portfolio: Content Management, Portal Platforms, Commerce Platforms, Integration Platforms, Emerging Technologies, UX/UI Framework, Cloud Platforms, Mobile Frameworks, Search and Analytics