ITOrizon Optimizing The Supply Chain For B2B Fulfillment


  • Distribution


  • North America

Applications in Scope:

  • Oracle LogFire

ERP System:

  • NetSuite ERP

Project Location:

  • Atlanta, US

About the Customer:

A US based, blind eCommerce fulfillment and wholesale distributor of bath and kitchen fixtures. Headquartered in Atlanta, they have two 100K sqft distribution centers to manage operations across the country. They specialize in same day fulfillment, discontinued merchandise procurement, and distribution of popular retail brands to client stores.

  • Oracle Scope: Netsuite and Cloud WMS (LogFire)
  • Timeline: 4 months
  • Industry: Distribution
  • Business Model: Omni-Channel
  • Warehouses: 2
  • Integrations: Oracle OIC, Pacejet and True Commerce

Design Challenges:


  • The existing software was a legacy, industry-specific solution designed for managing both fulfillment and accounting Operations.
  • Automation, visibility, and reporting were lacking. This inhibited the growth of the client’s company.


  • The client required a solution within 4.5 months due to market demands and upcoming eCommerce initiatives.


  • The previous single software solution required a new ERP system and Cloud WMS system to be built simultaneously.
  • Synchronization needed to be maintained between these systems in the same manner as the previous solution.
  • Agility between systems was a top priority to maintain the same day shipping capabilities expected by their customers.


  • The system needed to accommodate existing inventory volume as well as unknown acquisitions of new sales channels.
  • Enabling flexibility in the ERP integration for resource management across facilities was a key aspect of mitigating growth pain points.


  • Support orders for all sales channels according to their respective service levels
  • Distinguish inventory ownership within facilities for accounting purposes

Design Solutions:


  • Based on the client’s needs, it was determined that Oracle Cloud WMS would be the best WMS solution for operations, scalability and inventory reporting.
  • The client identified NetSuite as their preferred ERP and we validated that we could meet their accounting needs through integration design, custom scripts, and reporting processes.
  • In this design, we utilized Oracle’s native OIC integration in combination with the brand new (Sept 2018) NetSuite and Oracle Cloud WMS sync bundle.
  • An EDI Van Solution (True Commerce) and an Enterprise Shipping Software (Pacejet) were also integrated to increase communication agility with manufacturers and end customers. Pacejet rate shopping gave additional value to the client’s end customers.


  • Given the 4.5 month schedule, a true end to end service was the only feasible option. This required extensive preliminary design and collaboration with the Sync Bundle developers to make sure that all teams could work simultaneously.


  • The EDI Van Solution unified incoming ASNs and Sales Order regardless of origin. This component makes future partnerships and sales channels manageable within the existing infrastructure.
  • Enabling flexibility in the ERP for resource management across multiple facilities was a key aspect of optimizing their fulfillment processes as they continue to expand.
  • Purchasing, inventory and sales reporting enable greater visibility into operations and allow the client to anticipate changes across their systems

ITOrizon’s Role - End To End Consulting

Project Outcome:

  • Enabled a full end to end cloud-based software solution Go-Live in 4.5 months
  • Successful implementation of Oracle Cloud WMS (Logfire) for a 120K sqft DC and pre-design for a second 100k sqft DC
  • Successful implementation of NetSuite ERP for complex supply chain planning, vendor pricing, and accounting processes
  • Successful 3rd party integrations for business flexibility and end customer values adds
  • Real-time operations monitoring, inventory visibility, KPI tracking, and improved warehouse flexibility

Power Of Oracle Cloud WMS & Netsuite

In order to meet the tight timeline and still achieve the real-time inventory visibility and seamless integration, ITOrizon followed their rapid implementation strategy in designing and delivering the most robust cloud WMS system in the industry “Oracle Enterprise WMS”  & integrated it with world’s leading Cloud ERP Suite “NetSuite.”

In the business world driven by mobility, cloud, and digitalization, supply chain  requires new strategies to assure agility, productivity, and security.  With the power of Oracle Cloud WMS + NetSuite and with impeccable implementation expertise of ITOrizon, our client achieved digital transformation very quickly.

The Oracle Cloud Warehouse Management System (LogFire WMS) offers best of breed functionalities in Cloud platform. It  seamlessly integrates with ERP, MDM ,TMS, WCS and MHE systems. Data is exchanged as XMLs, CSVs, or Delimited messages through FTP or Web Services.

NetSuite powers core finance and accounting functions with compliance management feature to improve business performance and increase financial efficiencies while reducing operational costs. It is designed to integrate with any application and adjust to the changes in technology, and business to boost enterprise agility.

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