Interface Systems’ Oracle-Driven Evolution:

A Case Study in Business Security Supply Chain Optimization

Business Security Supply Chain Optimization - Interface

Interface Systems is a managed services provider offering physical security, business intelligence, network & voice solutions to multi-location enterprises.


  • America- Southeast, Mid-South, Southwest, and Far West
  • Global

Applications in Scope:

  • Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud
  • Oracle Fusion SCM and SCP
  • Oracle Integration Cloud
  • Salesforce

ERP System:

  • Oracle Fusion


  • Dallas, Texas

About the Customer

Interface Systems a prominent technology company headquartered in Earth City, Missouri. As a leading provider of business security solutions, actionable insights, and purpose-built networks, they are the trusted partner for some of the nation’s most recognized multi-location brands. With a strong commitment to innovation and efficiency, Interface Systems sought to optimize their supply chain operations to better serve their customers. They were already using Oracle solutions and partnered with ITOrizon to implement Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud integrated with Oracle Fusion. Their operations primarily revolve around a medium-scale distribution site specializing in security systems and components.

Problem Statement

Despite their strong market position, Interface encountered several challenges in their supply chain operations:

  • Inventory Inefficiencies: Balancing supply and demand were a persistent challenge, leading to problems like overstocking and stockouts.
  • Complex Supplier Network: Managing multiple suppliers across the globe proved to be a logistical puzzle, impacting supply chain reliability.
  • Visibility Gaps: Real-time visibility into their supply chain was lacking, making it difficult to react promptly to disruptions like production delays or transportation issues.

Challenges and Resolution

To address these issues comprehensively, Interface partnered with an ISG and Gartner recognized firm called ITOrizon. Leveraging Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud (OCWMS) integrated with Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Supply Chain Planning (SCP), as well as Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), the solution encompassed:

  • Unification of Organizations: Multiple organizational units were successfully merged into a streamlined single entity, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Distribution Center Consolidation: Multiple distribution centers were consolidated into a singular, efficient hub.
  • Inventory Optimization: Warehouse inventory operations were optimized through data-driven replenishment processes based on minimum and maximum thresholds and volume analysis.
  • Custom Integration: Custom integrations were developed to facilitate seamless data exchange among Oracle Fusion, OCWMS, and third-party parcel shipment providers, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS.
  • Reduced Manual Intervention: Custom integrations significantly reduced manual data correction, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Solution and Remarkable Achievements

Interface achieved remarkable results through this transformation:

  • Punctual Go-Live Date: The project was completed on time, within an impressive four-month timeframe.
  • Unified Organization: Multiple organizations were effectively unified into a single, cohesive entity, streamlining their operations.
  • Consolidated Operations: Distribution center operations were consolidated into a highly efficient single facility.
  • Inventory Optimization: Warehouse inventory operations became more efficient, eliminating inefficiencies.
  • Custom Integrations: Seamless data exchange with third-party parcel shipment providers reduced manual work and enhanced operational speed.
  • Reduced Paper Waste: Significantly decreased paper waste was realized through digital process improvements, including parcel shipment integrations with ShipConsole.


With the guidance of ITOrizon and the implementation of Oracle Cloud WMS, Interface underwent a remarkable transformation of their supply chain operations. They achieved improved inventory visibility, reduced paper waste, and streamlined their distribution processes. This transformation not only resolved immediate challenges but also laid the foundation for ongoing supply chain excellence. Enhanced communication within the organization empowered continuous process improvements. Interface now stands as an exemplar of efficient and optimized supply chain operations in the technology industry, positioning them for sustained success in the dynamic consumer electronics market.

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