Hardis Group partners with ITOrizon to grow its business in North America and Asia

Hardis Group has partnered with ITOrizon, a major supply-chain consulting firm and logistics application integrator in the United States, as part of its international business growth strategy.

Atlanta, May 06, 2020 – Hardis Group, a consulting firm, digital services company, and independent software vendor, has signed a partnership deal with ITOrizon, a supply-chain consulting firm and logistics application integrator. Under the agreement, ITOrizon will act as the integrator and level 1 support provider for the entire Reflex suite, including the Reflex WMS warehouse management system, in the United States and India. The partnership is the latest step in Hardis Group’s strategy to grow its presence in international markets and support its clients worldwide through a network of local, reputable integrators.

ITOrizon is headquartered in Atlanta with branch offices in Dubai, Bangalore, and Chennai (India). The firm provides end-to-end supply-chain execution support, from consulting through to deployment of a wide range of applications and systems—supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise order management (EOM), warehouse management, mechanization and automation, and more. The company has been recognized as a Speciality Consulting Firm in Gartner’s Warehousing and Fulfillment Vendor Guide for the past three years. “ITOrizon’s teams have an impressive track record in WMS implementation, ranging from a decade to up to 25 years,” said Nicolas Odet, President of Hardis Group. “This partnership will enable us to better serve our clients in North America and Asia across both deployment and level 1 support.”

The deal also expands the range of logistics execution systems in ITOrizon’s portfolio. “We were impressed by the flexible configuration options that Reflex offers, and by the latest-generation technology that underpins the system, said Shan Muthuvelu, CEO of ITOrizon. “We’ve already deployed Reflex successfully at a plant in Atlanta, and several other implementations are ongoing.”

The partnership marks the latest step in Hardis Group’s international business growth strategy. “We were entirely absent from the North-American market,” added Nicolas Odet. “This new arrangement will give us a foothold in the US and India, working with a reputable partner known for its expertise in supply-chain execution. We’ve already started working on a joint project for a client, and we’ll be training ITOrizon’s teams to help them get to grips with our applications.”


About ITOrizon Inc

ITOrizon is a global supply chain system Integrator firm that combines industry expertise with technical innovation to solve business-critical challenges from design to delivery. We offer end-to-end consulting and implementation solutions including Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise Order Management, and Digital Business.

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