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Business Profile

An American online manufacturer and retailer of licensed sportswear, sports collectibles, NFTs, trading cards, and sports merchandise engaged ITOrizon team to redesign their order management systems that scale and caters to the global customers and provide best-in-class customer experience    

The Goal:

Customer business wants to enable B2C, B2B, B2B2C marketplaces and mitigate business risks associated with volatile market post covid. This means, enabling IT ecosystems to support Reverse dropship, DGT2GO, Hyper speed, Automated Returns are crucial for better customer experience. 

In addition to enabling these agile business cases, speed to market is critical. Majority of the Legacy systems was hard to scale and cater to global customers and shifting business needs. The focus was to modernize the order management platform that is futuristic, extendable and scalable yet carries the flexibility to accommodate future business cases.  

Technology In Play:

Customer IT ecosystem touches several tech stacks that include Java, Go, Python, React, Spring Boot, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Temporal, AWS S3, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, AWS Aurora,  Maven, Gradle, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS EKS, GitLab, Terraform, Consul, Vault, AWS, Splunk, Graylog, DataDog, NewRelic, Prometheus, Graphana, Cucumber, JMeter and Locust.  

The Challenges:

Rigidly Integrated systems 

Customer has a legacy monolithic order management system that was tightly integrated with various downstream systems like contact centers, warehouses and financial systems. Any change in one system will affect the entire chain thus missing SLA’ and impacting the customer satisfaction. 

Technology Adoption 

With the growing need for new technology trends comes the new challenges. Anticipating, identify and having proper mitigation strategies was challenging.  

Security and Compliance requirements 

With the new business needs, new B2B partner integrations requirements, international market penetration , new payment methods, new government policies like GDPR/HIPAA , with new cloud adoptions comes the new security challenges 

Operational Challenges 

With the new system design, and emerging technologies come new operation challenges. Change management and user adoption continued to be a challenge.


The Challenges:

As the customer’s prime system integrator, ITOrizon was in a multiyear initiative to implement the new OMS and required integrations and ensure fully functional systems as part of our commitment. 

Connecting the end-to-end picture:  

ITOrizon first and critical task was to conduct sessions with stake holders from different business units, identifying the dependencies between the interconnected systems and building the dependency matrix and work closely with product owners, and prioritize requirements from different teams

Cloud-native microservices technology:  

ITOrizon team spent extensive time designing the solution by embedding the core components.  

We have rearchitected the monolithic order management system in to small loosely coupled, highly scalable distributed services that are deployable to AWS cloud environments.

Change Management  

With the knowledge on end to end supply chain management, our team worked extensively worked with all the business units, warehouse team, major B2B , B2B2C vendors like Nike , Kohl’s , Amazon etc.. onboarding them and integrating with e-commerce enablement platforms like DSCO, Channel Advisor into the newly developed global order management platform. 

Embrace DevOps Practices 

With ITOrizons’ expertise on Cloud, DevOps, Site Reliability Engineering and Quality Engineering, established DevOps practices to manage and maintain a fully integrated order management system. This setup aided customer to incorporate latest changes for rapid business needs and evolving business. Developed framework for infrastructure automation, automated quality management for sanity, regression suites, and 24/7 production monitoring procedures. 

This end-to-end coverage delivered an effective, easily extendable order management solution at low operational costs at the same time providing better order visibility to the business stake holders. 

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