Connecting Temperature and Humidity Sensors to Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring

Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring


  • Agricultural Products & Processing Company


  • Middle East


  • Saudi Arabia

ERP System:

Applications in Scope:

  • Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud
  • Oracle Fusion Maintenance Cloud
  • Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud
  • Oracle Integration Cloud
  • Oracle Fusion Product Management Cloud (PIM/Product Hub)

Client Background

Our client is one of the leading producers, manufacturers and distributors of fresh dairy, fresh juice and long-life milk and juice products in Saudi Arabia.  

Business Challenge

To meet the SFDA regulatory compliance, the client needs to monitor the humidity and the temperature of the finished goods stored in the warehouse and shipped in vehicles. The current devices used by for monitoring the temperature and humidity of the FG warehouse and inside the vehicle coolers shipping the finished goods do not indicate the real health and the condition monitoring of the of the assets in the workshop as well as the vehicle.


In our solution, we revamped the existing ecosystem by integrating GPS tracking and temperature & humidity Sensors (Teltonika TZ-BT04) from vehicles and warehouse. Initially, these devices were connected to a tracking device via wire or Bluetooth. The tracking device transmitted temperature and humidity data to cell towers, which were then sent to the Saudi tracking server. The tracking details were accessible through the Saudi tracking application online.

All the devices from Teltonika use a simple protocol using TCP way with a simple text format. To streamline the data processing, an application is required that accepts data through a TCP socket, parse it, and send it via HTTP POST in JSON format to Oracle Cloud Connector. We utilized the existing ‘Saudi Tracking’ as middleware to convert data into Oracle IoT-compatible format and established a connection with the IoT Asset Monitoring System using REST APIs.

Automation was introduced to sync Maintenance Cloud with the IoT Asset Monitoring application, creating assets in IoT AM for monitoring purposes. Locations defined in Maintenance Cloud were seamlessly transferred to the IoT AM application.

Business Outcome

Live sensor data enabled comprehensive real-time monitoring of the humidity and the temperature of the finished goods stored in the warehouse and shipped in vehicles which helped client meet SFDA regulatory compliance effectively.

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