Compose Barcode and Label Printing Features in Days & Weeks


Asia based retailer intending to enable key features without revamping their IT ecosystems

The client is looking for a solution to generate barcodes for the assets and subsequently scan the barcode to do the physical count of the fixed assets. Customer is using Oracle Fusion Asset, Oracle Fusion Financials and Oracle Procurement for their supply chain operations.

About the Project: Challenge

The client is facing issues with barcode generation as the feature is currently unavailable with Fusion, thus the client performed cycle counting for their assets as a manual operation. Manual process was inaccurate, time intensive and impacted fulfillment KPIs. 

ITOrizon team proposed composable platform UCBOS, in an effort to quickly unleash the functionality without revamping existing applications.


ITOrizon team designed the solution by taking advantage of the smart integration layer, progressive user interface modules and meta-data architecture.

Smart Integration layer transformed the oracle fusion data into meta-data structure for reading, writing and searching. It’s built-in integration layer converted the data into Oracle formats and processed without any additional coding on both layers.

Progressive user interface allowed architect team to configure responsive screens (Desktop, Tablet, RF Guns) for seamless user interactions.

  • Seamless integration of  main line with off-price department store chain 
  • Improved speed in clearance/flash sales inventory management
  • Improved inventory turnover
  • Connected supply chain network with integration to client’s fulfillment centers to achieve the business objectives of both Rack and Trunk Club lines of business

Label Printing

UCBOS Composable architecture allowed ITOrizon team to design labels and various printing options by location and user profile. Users also has the flexibility to customize labels and print labels via UCBOS

Barcode is generated, label is printed and the data is stored back to the Oracle cloud

Cycle Counting

Cycle count or Inventory count is done at UCBOS with the help of a count profile. A count profile is created at UCBOS which initiates inventory count with the help of a RF solution. Once a user is assigned, the user can pick and select the solution and perform the cycle count and the data is stored in the inventory repository and the same is stored back into Oracle cloud.

Automated Asset counting and label printing is thus achieved with UCBOS.

Overall, customer team received the much-anticipated feature without coding or changing their existing ecosystems, all in 6 weeks’ time.

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