Cloud based RV Rental System

Cloud based RV

Scope of Work:

The Fraserway RV rental organization’s aspiration is to go digital by modernizing their website and rental management solution by building a highly sophisticated custom platform “Cloud based RV Rental System” that seamlessly support their executives, rental business leaders, online and in-person sales team while meeting their gold standard in customer experience.

Project Background:

ITOrizon team was awarded to design and develop a robust platform to support their RV business in which they manage bookings from various channels such as global tour operators (Tiered), offline domestic and online international customers. They operate as different business units (Four Season, Fraserway) to offer Elite and Economy fleets at different locations, seasonal prices, price points by routes and sales channels to remain competitive.

This platform offers enterprise level security, access controls for different business divisions and user group.  Business leaders can configure the master data like assets, availability calendar, locations, rate caps, route caps, pricings, add-ons and so on by business unit and sales channel combinations. Business partners websites can access this platform data via APIs. In addition, this platform offers customer portal, business partner portal and admin portal that is tightly coupled with their online Four Season and Fraserway website.

ITOrizon Solution:

Provisioned a platform that is high scalability, security, extensibility, responsive and allows unrestricted addition of further customizations and integrations. Technology stack includes AWS, AWS Cognito, AWS RDS, AWS ALB, AWS CloudWatch, Nginx, Angular, Spring Framework, Terraform, Jenkins

ITOrizon successfully designed and developed a “Custom Rental Management Platform” to fully support The Fraser way’s business objectives.

ITOrizon also assisted Fraserway in technology selection, best practices and operational improvements.

Project Outcome:

Received their ROI within 90days of the go-live through online sales and labor cost

The technology stack allows customer to have the flexibility to move the cloud provider with minimal effort (if needed)

Facilitated training along with full source code ownership to enable internal development   

Used opensource technologies to develop the cloud-based platform to avoid hefty licensing, subscription, and/or annual maintenance charges, potentially saving $500K to $1 Million, over the span of five years

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