ITOrizon believes in a rapid implementation approach where time-to-market and cost-to-deliver is our primary goal in every customer interaction. Time after Time, Supply Chain Eco-System with Multi-Vendor Solution Stacks lacks a Unified View.  UCBOS platform delivers that to our enterprise customers.

Enterprises often elect the best of the breed solutions by the module, and it is a scarce case where single-vendor get elected for the supply planning, operations, and executions.  One-Stop-Shop is considered a risk and even if we convince the stakeholders transforming the entire supply chain also takes significant time and budget.  This standard practice leads to disparate systems, a lack of unified view, and orchestrations. The situation is further complicated with APIs and Microservices enablement.  

We have a compelling approach to:  

  • Gain End to End Supply Chain Visibility   
  • Gain Actionable Supply Chain Insights on Real-time Data 
  • Empower Business Leaders with Informed Decision-Making Process 
  • Achieve Dynamic Orchestration by Business Cases 
  • Predict Business Scenarios using Artificial and Machine Learning Models

The answer is the No-Code Supply Chain Platform that offers Enterprise Standard Features and Compose adhoc Solutions on-demand!   

At ITOrizon, we help businesses integrate discreet systems to achieve a unified view of their supply chain processes and expedite business transformation programs.  

Leveraging the Composable Platform aids businesses with a Unified Platform that integrates their ERP, S&OP and SCE Systems to capture critical business performance, simulate business models, orchestrate approved models, and incorporate feedback loop for continuous improvement.  

Composable Thinking: 

  • Reduces  IT Maintenance Budget   
  • Saves  IT Custom Development Cost 
  • Expedites  IT Modernization Programs   
  • Delivers  Business Requirements Faster 
  • Reduces  IT Consolidation Time (post Mergers & Acquisitions) 

ITOrizon partners with Composable No-Code Platform “UCBOS™” to deliver on Supply Chain Convergence, Advanced Analytics, and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence programs.  

Key Achievements

Custom Enhancements – No-Code Approach

Ad-hoc Business Requests Touching Multiple Systems

Business Orchestrations

Data Mapping, Data Enrichment, and Data Integration across the IT Ecosystem

Advanced Analytics

Unify Cloud and OnPrem Operational Systems to create visibility and execute what-if cases

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Integrate silos systems, apply built-in ML & AI algorithm to predict business outcomes

Enterprises are forced to have out-of-the-box vendor performance programs, and it is not up to the current business landscape. Audit Process varies by the supply chain life cycle phase where the vendor audit metrics get captured (Warehouse Receiving, Carrier pickup, Carrier delivery), thus driven by the application vendor process.  

Imagine a Vendor Performance Logic reflecting your unique vendor contracts (By Vendor, Geo, Product, Threshold, Channel, etc.) designed and composed in a unified layer without application rigidity. 

Experience the composable vendor performance by capturing vendor audits and integrating it with a Unified Business Platform

Enterprises leverage a mix of logistics strategy and strive to balance between customer experience and supply chain efficiencies. Identifying the optimal mode for first, mid mile, and last-mile remains a challenge to enterprises, especially 3PL partners.   

Imagine a decision support platform that converses with a multi-vendor application stack (Varies by deployment model, communication protocol, message formats, etc.)  and determine the best optimal application, carrier, mode that execute that load yet provide end to end visibility across your supply chain ecosystem.  

Logistics Providers strategy with a composable no code platform

If you have any supply chain visibility challenges, or want to build ad-hoc functionalities in no time, engage with ITOrizon to learn about the No-Code Platform. We offer free demos for serious prospects!