Active OMNI Design for Store Inventory & Fulfillment

Manhattan Active Omni


American Chain of specialty discount store that majorly sells products up to 5$ and a small assortment of items between 6-10$ plans to go live with Manhattan Active Omni for Store Inventory & Fulfillment.

Enabled by:

  • Manhattan Active OMNI
  • Manhattan Active Store Inventory Management
  • Manhattann Active Store Inventory Fulfillment

Key Design/ Implementation Solutions and Value Addition:

  • Store Inventory and Fulfillment, Manhattan Active Omni, Manhattan Point of Sale
  • Design and configuration of Manhattan Active Omni for pure allocation to 3 DC’s based on Geo-proximity
  • Plan is to enable features in MAO to prevent order splitting
  • Implement Manhattan CE module and Ship from store

Customer Outcome:

  • Live with SIM and the plan is to go live with Manhattan Active omni this year.
  • Plan is to have all Manhattan by end of next year
  • Roll out Ship from store and BOPIS functionality
  • Leverage CSR flow

Why ITOrizon

The capability and vast experience in designing Manhattan Active Omni in retail world and understanding of entire spectrum of supply chain

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