ITOrizon has great experience in project implementation as well as post-implementation enhancements. We understand that the success of a project greatly depends on its quality and adherence to its scope, timelines, and budget. Our years of experience has strengthened our belief that testing is a crucial part of the development cycle, implementation and support phase. This process also takes a lot of time and effort. Automating this process can spur up the success rate of a project through faster test results and fixes. We are well-versed with the complications and challenges involved in undertaking the automation process.

This in-deep understanding of the relevance of testing process has led to the formation of a standardized test automation platform, called TUNA, for web and mobile applications. TUNA is a highly configurable platform requiring minimal development to automate. The reusable scripts can be run for multiple datasets and the troubleshooting steps for the system are quite insignificant. TUNA provides endless automation for web browsers and hybrid/native apps for Android as well as iOS. It also provides database validations and email automation for triggering emails based on custom scenarios. One of the major features of TUNA is its auto rerun and failure analysis capabilities which helps to confirm the cause of the test failures.

Owing to its unique features and benefits, we have successfully implemented TUNA for Manhattan Associates SCM Solutions, Oracle SCM Solutions, ServiceNow, Salesforce, OpenTaps, SAP Fiori, iOS and Android. TUNA brings in ease as it simplifies the test automation process by offering innumerable benefits to counter the challenges posed during different stages of implementation.

Features of TUNA

  • Cross Browser
  • Cloud ready
  • Pattern Model scripting
  • Docker Integration
  • Scalable Notes
  • Multi-threaded
  • Remo Machine execution
  • Cross Platform
  • Flexible Scheduler
  • On-premise
  • CI Tool Integration
  • Executive Reports
  • Open Stack
  • Action Model Scripting
  • Defect Tracker Integration

Oracle GOP Automation

Automated Manhattan WMOS in TUNA

Automated Oracle WMS (LogFire) in TUNA

Automated Oracle JD Edwards in TUNA

TUNA Value Proposition

Endless Automation

  • Web Browsers
  • Native Applications
  • Hybrid Applications
  • Android and iOS

Auto reruns & Failure Analysis

  • Rerun your failed tests
  • Failure Analysis

Database Validations

  • SQL Query Builder
  • Validate Data

Automated Emails

  • Configure your email list
  • Configure your emails

Pattern Design Model

Tuna allows you to change the specific object information at the page/pattern level

Tuna Chrome Extension

Assists you to identify the HTML element(s)

Keyword Design Approach

Tuna allows you to write scripts using keywords for test scenarios that require only fewer execution

Configure Locator Strategy

Tuna allows you to write scripts using keywords for test scenarios that require only fewer execution

Prepackaged product tests

  • Products like WMS, SAP, ServiceNow, SalesForce, AgileCRM etc
  • Prepackaged with objects, test cases, test suites for vanilla version

Shared Object Repository

The test objects are added with locators like id, name, class, link or XPath (relative, text, parent etc) by ranking system automatically for web and hybrid only

Multiple Test Data Set

  • Tuna assists you to have any number of test data set for each of your script
  • The data fields appear auto by the script step type

Test Suite Scheduler

Schedule your test suite for any specific hour, day, week or month

Integrated Database Validation

Test scripts are integrated with database validation (if required) and the master object configuration can be used to configure DB connection.

Integration with CI tools

A test suite can be integrated with any CI tools - presently we have configured for Jenkins, Bamboo

Clone Test Data & Suite Integration

  • Any test data set can be cloned so that all required data typos and data are copied to another test data
  • The test suite can call any specific or range of test data set

Integration with CI tools

Tuna is configured to run on your Linux Docker VM - so that the number of test execution machines can be managed at runtime.

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