Accelerating Supply Chain Actions are Inevitable

As businesses evolve, so do the technologies and systems to help them maintain pace with the progressing world. The advantage is multifold, especially when the solution is agile, as the enterprises do not have to revamp their existing infrastructure or systems to gain needed business capabilites.

Thus solutions must be scalable, extendable, and composable to keep up with the demand. ITOrizon offers a SaaS Platform to compose custom business capabilities that delivers connected systems & things, increased enterprise visibility, MI-enabled data analytics, and What-If Scenario planning features.

Our SCM Composability Transformation Assessment is meant to assess and identify areas that lack business agility. In a post-Covid world, enterprises are looking for capabilities to analyze market signals, adjusting supply & demand, and meet customer expectations in real-time.

Our prebuilt modules can be customized for customers’ business needs without need for development time.

We Support

SCM Logical Data Modelling, SCM Orchestration, SCM Automation and SCM Prediction & Prescription

ITOrizon’s vision is to develop supply chain capabilities lacking in existing ecosystems and consolidate stopgap solutions in a version-less platform. Our prebuilt solutions compensate for the limitations on:

Integration Modernization

Global Fulfillment

Custom WCS Integration

Supplier Performance

Multi-Channel Procurement

ERP Innovations

Production Planning

First-Mile Optimization

Demand-Based Scenario Planning, and much more

Last-Mile Route Consolidation

Scheduling & Tasking

SCM Composition Delivers Outcome-Driven Transformation Strategies

  • Solution Scalability / Extendibility
  • Business Data Management
  • Interoperability
  • Business Agility
  • Customer Experience
  • Operation Excellence
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Market Share

Case Studies

SCM Compositions

Compose Barcode and Label Printing Features in Days & Weeks

The client is looking for a solution to generate barcodes for the assets and subsequently scan the barcode to do the physical count of the fixed assets.

SCM Compositions

Composing a Sensible Supply Chain Control Tower

A smart control tower platform brings supply chain convergence by integrating their internal and 3rd party supply chain system with much required transparency.

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