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Manhattan Associates Technology connects two billion people to twenty billion consumer choices.

Integrated Solution Suites

Manhattan offers a range of supply chain solutions to manage warehouse, transportation, inventory, orders, vendors, labor efficiency and business intelligence marketed as commercial-of-the-shelf “COTS” that are feasible to customize for client needs at additional cost. They have solutions developed with assorted technologies like iSeries, C++, java, and more


Manhattan Associates positioned as a
leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

Staff Augmentation for Manhattan Suite of Products

ITOrizon brings Manhattan products, business acumen, and technology under one roof. ITOrizon has strong expertise in Manhattan On-Prem (Legacy) and Active (Cloud SaaS) Supply Chain Suite covering warehouse management, inventory management, order management, transportation management, business intelligence, and Manhattan Integration Framework. In addition, ITOrizon team has pioneered Manhattan ProActive framework to customize and extend Manhattan’s base product for end-customer needs.    


Manhattan Associates Product at a Glance

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Inventory Management

Distributed Order Management


Manhattan Distributed Order Management DOM, is the keeper of inventory pictures. DOM functions as the single source of truth for inventory across The Web, Merchant Sites, Market Places, Warehouses, and Stores of any organization. DOM can generate and publish inventory ATC – Available To Commerce – views. In addition, DOM manages the entire order lifecycle, and e-commerce orders placed by various channels feed into DOM, which decides the fulfillment location based on the preset configuration and fulfillment strategy. DOM will send out the sales posting for the ERP system to handle invoices and customer communications on fulfillment of the order. The in-built CSR – Customer Service Representative – portal/screens allow CSR to interact with customers and generate returns within DOM, thus completing the order life cycle.

Transportation Management System


Manhattan Transportation Management Solution, once called TP&E, TLM, brings route planning and route optimization capabilities for shippers, carriers, and brokers. This crux is the route planning engine acquired from Manhattan built the User interface around this planning engine and released its 4R2 version of Transportation Solution in the 2000s. It offers continuous optimization, procurement, carrier management, fleet management, modeling, and more. 

During the 2010s, TMS was provided under the broader umbrella of SCPP – Supply Chain Process Platform – along with other flagship solutions such as WMS and DOM. Manhattan offered two deployment options, an on-prem installed version on client infrastructure and the SaaS version. TMS was the first solution that Manhattan offered via SaaS. It sowed the seed for a complete cloud-based solution, Manhattan Active TMS“, launched in 2021.

Manhattan Active Platform

Cloud Native Platform

Manhattan Active Platform, the cloud native platform that hosts the Manhattan Active Solutions such as Omni, Supply Chain, and Inventory. It is built on open-source technologies and cloud native architecture keeping API-First and enterprise SaaS as the key theme. Technologies like Java, Spring framework, Docker, and Kubernetes used to give high availability, high scalability, extendibility, and future friendly platform.       

Manhattan ProActive

Customizations and Extensions

Manhattan ProActive provides provisions to extend the base product, and it is available as part of the extension of the Manhattan Active Omni and Manhattan Active WM versions.

It enables the ecology to manage solution extension configurations to allow customers to build unique capabilities required for their operations and to own that intellectual property. ProActive allows extension configuration to all layers of the platform’s architecture—graphical user interface (GUI), backend services, and database.   

Supply Chain is all about Connecting Products with People

The supply chain is a network of people and activities that help move a product from start to consumption by the end user.  Manhattan Associates Technology connects 2 billion people to 20 billion consumer choices.

Case Studies


Manhattan EOM/ MAO Success Story

A west coast trendy fashion retailer has close to 40+ vendors, 2 DC’s and has dedicated 3 vendors who fulfill print on demand orders. Average volume is close to 10K orders/day across brands.

Manhattan Active WMS

SCI and Manhattan Active Omni Design

United States-based retail clothing brand who sells lifestyle apparel, along with footwear and accessories designed for teens and young adults had a business need to Design and Implement SCI & Manhattan Active.

on-prem to google cloud

Manhattan Active WMS for a Leading USA Retailer

A major retailer sought to modernize their supply chain operations with a cloud warehouse management system and turned to ITOrizon as their system integrator. The result was a seamless integration.


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