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Managed Services for Manhattan SCM Applications

ITOrizon's Manhattan Edge

Our flexible 24/7 support service programs are an extension to our implementation services so that enterprises can outsource APPLICATION maintenance, OPERATIONAL processes, and INFRASTRUCTURE upgrades to stay up to date in technology. We offer a standard support and premium support model for ongoing optimizations and rollouts

ITOrizon vs. Manhattan's Support Services

Managed Services Support


Standard Support

Client-Centric Support Service Scope


On-Premise & Active​

Integrations – MIF & More​

Application Knowledge Transfer​


Floor Optimization ​

Configuration Tuning​

Quarterly Release Testing​

Continuous Test Case Development​

New Functionality Rollout Testing


Non-Manhattan Systems​

CloudOps & DevOps​

MHE, Robotics & Voice​

End to End Integration

Support Service Process Flow

Client-Centric Support Models

Application Support​ 24/7 – Per Service Level Agreement & Objective

Incident Monitoring, Prioritization, Categorization & Resolution

Perform Root Cause Analysis & Identify Interim Solutions

Release Management, Solution Deployment & End-to-End User Acceptance Testing

Infrastructure Issue Identification

Phased Templatized Rollouts

Managed Support ​ 24/7 – Per Service Level Agreement & Objective

Includes Application Support

Design, Develop, Implement, Verify, Release, Support, Monitor & Improvise

Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment (SDNs) & Continuous Delivery

Infrastructure Issue Identification

DevOps Managed Support​ 24/7 – Per Service Level Agreement & Objective

Infrastructure = Memory, CPU, Disk & Connectivity

Database = Disk, Deadlocks, Connections & Preventive Care

Application = Statistics, Status & Interfaces

Alerts & Notifications

Our Expertise

ITOrizon has extensive knowledge and experience designing, implementing, and integrating the Manhattan Product suite for leading global enterprises

Manhattan Active Supply Chain

On-Prem Manhattan


Manhattan Active Warehouse Management

Manhattan Active Transportation

Manhattan Active Inventory

Manhattan Active Omni (MAO)

Manhattan Active Labor Management

Manhattan Active Slotting Optimization

Extended Enterprise (EEM)

Warehouse Management Solution (WMi)

Warehouse Management Solution (SCALE, WMOS)

Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Transportation Management (TMS)

Supply Chain Intelligence (SCI)

Manhattan Integration Framework (MIF)

Material Handling Equipment (MHE)

Warehouse Control System (WCS) Integration

Warehouse Execution System (WES) Integration

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