About the Company

Industry: Logistics and Warehouse Management

Firm Location: Saudi Arabia

Contact: Dennis Aronson

Applications in Scope

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud and Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud services

About the Project: Challenges

The supply chain industry in ME is undergoing major transformations and driven by customer demands. It was imperative to design a solution that met immediate timelines and delivered OTM cloud services without any major disruption to ongoing business. Prior to this, transportation management was a manual process and within the implementation timeline super users were enabled to manage operations by themselves.

About the Project: Solution

The scope of the project is to automate fleet management, transportation planning and executions with minimal human intervention. Key features enabled were optimized shipment plans, backhauls, driver management, dispatch boards and live fleet track & trace. From conceptualization, implementation and to go-live took less than 3 weeks.

Anticipated Results:

This implementation enables our customer to integrate multiple warehouse sites on the OTM cloud services and onboard more new customers as part of their logistics operations.  It saves the bottom-line on backhauls and improves the efficiencies on assets and resources. As a result, customer automated the scheduling of current transportation and delivery management that improves transparency, speed and optimized cost.