In today’s fast-changing world, digital assets cannot remain dormant for long. As businesses evolve, so do the technologies and systems to help them maintain their pace with the progressing world. Software support services help organizations upgrade their systems and stay up-to-date in terms of technology. System issues, security lapse or human error may interrupt business operations. Support services ensure that firms have IT experts available at all times to manage any IT related interruptions in business services. 

ITOrizon provides flexible solutions for enterprises helping them manage their IT needs. Our services such as DevOps Support, Performance Testing & Benchmarking, Peak Season Audit, and Automated & Manual Testing work to provide high-end support to fast-track business growth of our clients. Our professional team works with the client team to continually deliver system enhancements, thereby reducing operations cost. We also have 24*7 support for all our clients to give peace of mind for all their IT needs.

DevOps Support

DevOps is evolving into letting the customer IT & operations team focus on the infrastructure, IT policies while developers focus on business transformation projects. We understand the balance of outsourcing and keeping it inhouse in this model. We crafted a unique DevOps model that empowers our customer base to bring more agility, better efficiency, and ultimately a higher level of service to client business.

QA Support (Manual & Automation-Software deployments-Application monitoring & support-Server provisioning and configuration-Monitoring of servers-Respond to outages-Backup and disaster recovery planning-Manage active directory-Asset tracking-Develop & Support sprint minor tasks-Manage knowledge base repository-Living knowledge repository-Multi-Dimensional tracking of issues for faster resolution

Peak Season Audit

Systematic assessment to evaluate system performance and readiness-Fine tune operational (floor level) bottlenecks-Address inhouse network, integration challenges-Coordinate and deploy latest vendor releases/patches

Performance Testing & Benchmarking

Evaluating and preparing system for peak volumes-Assessing the scalability and thresholds-Stress testing for concurrent processes-Benchmarking thresholds across technological platforms

Systematic reports showcasing ROI

CXO dashboards to capture KPIs from different systems-Statistical reports for BEP and ROI

QA Services (Automation, Manual)

Load Runner, Win Runner, TUNA and other Selenium based test automation-Comprehensive integration testing across systems-Identifying vulnerable links across communication channels

Production Level 1 & 2 Support

24x7 On-Call Support Team-Industry standard SLAs-End to end resolution