In today’s fast-changing world, digital assets cannot remain dormant for long. As businesses evolve, so do the technologies and systems to help them maintain their pace with the progressing world. Software support services help organizations upgrade their systems and stay up-to-date in terms of technology. System issues, security lapse or human error may interrupt business operations. Support services ensure that firms have IT experts available at all times to manage any IT related interruptions in business services. 

ITOrizon provides flexible solutions for enterprises helping them manage their IT needs. Our services such as DevOps Support, Performance Testing & Benchmarking, Peak Season Audit, and Automated & Manual Testing work to provide high-end support to fast-track business growth of our clients. Our professional team works with the client team to continually deliver system enhancements, thereby reducing operations cost. We also have 24*7 support for all our clients to give peace of mind for all their IT needs.

Additionally, ITOrizon’s support motto is to improve and enhance our customers’ On-Time Deliveries, Inventory Accuracy, Inventory Carrying Cost, Inventory Turns, Order Cycle Time, Order Entry Accuracy, Workforce Utilization, Shipping Accuracy, Order Fill Rate, Customer Satisfaction, and Return Rate as a trusted IT/ technology service provider.

ITOrizon's Support Model

  • Production Metrics (SLAs/SLOs) and feedback
  • User Stories and prototyping
  • Business Metrics
  • Release Plan
  • Design and code
  • Build and Unit Test
  • Functional Test
  • Security Analysis
  • Acceptance Test
  • Regression Test
  • Performance Test
  • Configuration Test
  • Auto or Triggered Release
  • UAT, Performance Test
  • Release Approval
  • Release Package Configuration
  • Scheduled/Timed Release
  • Release Coordination
  • Deploy Application
  • Fallback Recovery
  • IT Infrastructure Provisioning and Configuration
  • Application Provisioning and Configuration
  • Application  Performance Monitoring
  • Assess Metrics
  • End-user experience
  • IT infrastructure,  application performance and availability

Our Support Value Proposition

1 month

Shortest period of time customers see an increase in Optimized Logistics Costs

up to 30%

Increase in Operational Efficiency across the supply chain touch points

up to 97%

Increase in Inventory Accuracy across all customer projects

up to 25%

Increase in IT Savings across all major customer projects

100% Customer Satisfaction

Approved by Top Tier 1 Firms

up to 3x

Faster ROI from SCM Applications after utilizing ITOrizon's services

up to 2x

Labor Optimization

Products and DevOps Technology

Our Support Offers

Support Model