We leverage our years of experience and expertise to help our clients manage the complex order environment by process automation, streamlining the order process, eliminating the errors, minimizing order entry costs, exceeding customer expectations, efficient fulfillment, flexible pricing options, promotions, and smart reporting. ITOrizon’s order management solutions address a variety of order and delivery scenarios for multi-company, multi-country, multi-currencies, and localization. We intend to provide comprehensive solutions to help our clientele through our valued partnership with Manhattan Associates, Oracle, IBM, Ivanti, Synapse, Ramco and more.

Order Management is the epicenter for revenue and growth of every business. With the focus on customer satisfaction, the success of the business is driven by accuracy and efficiency of processing the orders captured through EDI, internet, self-service, phone, fax, manual, etc. ITOrizon helps their clients with sophisticated Distributed Order Management and Global Order Promise addressing their unique requirements of order capturing, pricing, delivery, tracking, billing, regulatory need, and other preferences.

Key Achievements

5 Continents

Where we have active customers

500+ customers

To whom our principals have designed SCM solutions for


10B+ dollar global retail, manufacturing, distribution and consulting firms have selected ITOrizon as a preferred IT / SCM consulting partner

30+ Design Leaders

SMEs with 10 to 25 years of global SCM experience from Manhattan Associates, Oracle, High Jump and Ramco


Peak Day Order Volume


Top WMS, TMS, OMS and DOM vendors from Gartner’s Magic Quadrant can be designed by our CoEs


Top 100 USA Retailers served by our Architects

Features and Benefits

  • Robust order tracking and reporting 
  • Fulfillment accuracy and efficiency 
  • Increase customer satisfaction and relationship 
  • Effective automated order processing
  • Flexible pricing and promotions capability
  • Seamless order processing  
  • Timely invoicing and payment 
  • Eliminating billing errors
  • Enhancing revenue recognition processes
  • Localization for tax and regulation 

Implementation Competence

  • Pre-Receipt Notification and Receipt/Load Arrival 
  • Barcode Receiving & Detailed Receiving 
  • Putaway 
  • Trailer & Receipt Close
  • Return Process
  • Outbound Appointments