Cloud based RV Rental System

The Fraserway RV rental organization’s aspiration is to go digital by modernizing their website and rental management solution with a highly sophisticated custom platform.

Integration of WM with EOM and ERP

American retail chain that offers plus-size clothing and accessories had to open a New DC to support its e-commerce business and fulfill retail store orders.

Multi-Channel Enablement

American luxury department store chain had a strong business need to integrate its new business units of Rack and Trunk Club to existing fulfillment and distribution network.

Compose Barcode and Label Printing Features in Days & Weeks

The client is looking for a solution to generate barcodes for the assets and scan the barcode to do the physical count of the fixed assets.

Composing a Sensible Supply Chain Control Tower

A smart control tower platform brings supply chain convergence by integrating their internal and 3rd party supply chain system with much required transparency.

SCI and Manhattan Active Omni Design

United States-based retail clothing brand who sells lifestyle & Apparel, had a business need to Design and Implement SCI & Manhattan Active.

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