ITOrizon is a private company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, USA. It was founded in 2013, and has 175 employees worldwide, focused on Supply Chain Solution and Emerging Technologies Consulting Services. We also have offices in the Dubai and India (Chennai and Bangalore).

ITOrizon’s consulting services include “WMS, Warehouse Automation, TMS, OMS, DOM, Manufacturing, Planning, and Procurement” verticals’ functional and operational design, build, test, deploy and support.
We perform “off-the-shelf” integration design support and customized integration solution design, development, and support. ITOrizon has primarily implemented solutions from Manhattan Associates, Oracle, NetSuite, Ramco and Hardis Group. We have deep expertise in Cloud Transformation programs involving AWS, GCP, and Azure.

ITOrizon serves Fortune 500 companies across the Globe on Supply Chain initiatives and IT Modernization efforts.

ITOrizon has recently formed a partnership with the Hardis Group and UCBOS. ITOrizon assists UCBOS as a System Integrator in bringing Supply Chain Convergence to large enterprises that have a complex SCM ecosystem. ITOrizon also has a proprietary Test Automation Platform “TUNA” to automate regression testing and facilitate faster rollout. 

ITOrizon has developed its own RAPID implementation methodology, integration best practices, and development approach (Digital Strategy, Digital Roadmap, DevOps, No-Code). Most of our engagements are full projects with total responsibility for ensuring a successful implementation of digital SCM transformation.